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Gateway to the Past

Gateway to the Past

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Three
Previous Quest: Counter-Intelligence
Next Quest: The Roden Conspiracy
Your Target: Find the ancient structure which resembles a star gate.
Reward: none
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission

After another night of heavy quafing, Aura wakes you up early today.

"There is an incoming transmission from Commander LeFleur for you, Captain. Shall I direct the call to your terminal?", the artificial intelligence asks.

You lift your aching body up from the bed. All those long nights at the bars and the parties after you disposed take their tribute. Not just from your body, but also from your wallet. Half of the reward which Abraham Grunt sent you has already disappeared in the throats of your fleetmates and yours, or in the panties of sexy barkeepers.

"Yes, sure.", you reply to Aura with a sore throat's broken voice, the witness to last night's excessive Karaoke sessions at the HSC Headquarters.

"Good morning, Starhopper!", LeFleur greets you. "Or should I say 'Good afternoon'?"

Wow, it's already so late. Yes, the last night was long. Is anything going on?

"So you haven't heard the news yet. The Caldari seem to get nervous because of what happenend in Solitude, and they are strengthening the border security in The Forge.", LeFleur reports. "Well, that's the official statement which they gave out. To me, it looks more like they want to set a clear signal, but not towards the Amarr who they consider being their allies."

Slow down, slow down. My head is still aching.

"Okay, I'll start from the beginning.", LeFleur sighs. "And... do... I... speak... slow... enough... now?"

Just tell what's going on.

"Arment Caute suggests that the motivation behind Kadors Invasion in Solitude might be related to ISK. Billions and billions of ISK, flowing over various shady financial institutes into their pockets. And Caute is pretty sure that she managed to track the money back to its origin. And she told us that the invasion was financed by Jacus Roden. Yes, that Jacus Roden, the famous Gallentean industrial magnate."

Why, what should he have to do with this?

"That's a good question, and we have no idea how to answer it." LeFleur shrugs. "It's pretty clear that Roden didn't become one of the most powerful individuals in Gallente space because he's a quiet, humble and compassionate person. Actually, he's a reckless powermonger. Have a look at his face, that probably tells you all you need to know about his character."

LeFleur's face is replaced on the screen with a portrait of Jacus Roden.

Jacus Roden

Yes, I think I have seen this face before.

"Caute thinks he prepares for war. Roden owns about a dozen shipyards in Gallente space, so war is an important business for him. Actually, it's his main business model besides supplying shady criminals and dictators with luxury yachts and battlecruisers which they can use for blowing up freighters which, of course, are built by Roden, too."

Sounds legit. No surprise that dude became rich and has good contacts within the right circles.

LeFleur nods. "Arment Caute said that she found some indications of an increased production of Megathron class Battleships. Pretty naughty beasts. You know that a single one of them costs easily a billion ISK, if its properly fitted? Who would profit the most from an all-out war?"

I agree, but there must be another reason behind this. Just because someone is powerful doesn't mean that he's also a lunatic.

"I agree, Starhopper. And we're working on it. But that's not the real reason why I called you.", LeFleur tells with a huge grin in her face.


"I contact you because of Professor Morghulis.", LeFleur explains. "We got some interesting results from the lab today. The power source within that ancient stone ring you found? It emits a multi-dimensional radiation, with patterns not too different from the five-dimensional energy fields used in the gates which connect our star systems. Our Uni scientists are pretty sure that this site has not been some ritualistic stuff thousands of years ago. Instead, they are very sure that it's been some kind of beacon."

Beacon for what? A stargate?

"That's unlikely. They think it might have been some kind of marker."

A marker. Something like a cynosural field?

"Yes, that's what they suspect. We think it's been a marker which was originally intended to be something temporary, an improvised device. A device which was intended to be replaced by something bigger, something more sturdy, suitable for bigger scale movements."

Something like a gate.

"Exactly, Starhopper. So maybe you want to go out there and search for a similar ancient site out there in Verge Vendor, which could have been used as a gate back then. If it exists, and if it works, you could find out where Professor Morghulis went."

Sounds like a plan.

"I agree and I hope you'll have a nice day. Talk to you later."

LeFleur ends the transmission.

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Sol arisa keʹaide (talk) 08:20, 19 September 2015 (CDT)
Enter your comments and screenshots below... you should haven gotten the idea of how to do it until now :-D

Zebulon tucker (talk) 15:57, 16 May 2016 (CDT) I spent ages visiting systems to find this place, and even missed it first time around. Then I came up with a shortcut to try & identify the location and boom! (almost literally! - the 2nd screenie has my shields at 50%). Picture is a bit cluttered, but I wasn't going back for another go :)

Zebulon Tucker