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The Battle for Caldari Prime

War Preparations

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Three
Previous Quest: Fleets and Bookmarks
Next Quest: Rogue Drones
Your Target: Bring visual intel of the Leviathan crash site.
Reward: A T1 exploration frigate of your race (either a Magnate, a Heron, an Imicus or a Probe), with T1 Solitude exploration fit.
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission
"Yeah, and back then, EVE University was just 18 months old. Can you imagine how far our very own Morning Maniac must have spilled his cereal, when he read the EVEmail from CONCORD this morning? Huff Technologies has declared war on Eve University. After 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved." Kelduum giggles. "I bet his food still sticks to the opposite wall of his kitchen, dried dry and hard as concrete, with mummified raisins inside."

Everyone in the room laughs, and raises their glasses. "Here's to our founder!", LeFleur cheers.

"To Maniac!", the choir of a dozen thirsty throats answers in unison, and a dozen glasses are raised to a dozen lips.

"Anyway, the story doesn't finish here.", Kelduum continues. "Morning Maniac was angry. Really angry. How can this happen?, he cursed in public. Those are seasoned PvP veterans, and they declare war on us newbies who can barely fit a gun into a Rifter? WTF is going on here? And his pledge was heard, because EVE University was known as being extremely peaceful back then. They had only declared war once, on a one-man-corporation of a guy who had the habit of stealing the ore cans from our mine. Does anyone know how this dude named his corp? Anyone? Well, the name was.... Ore-B-Gone! Isn't that funny? Ore-B-Gone!"

He laughs again, taking another huge swip of Quafe.

"But somehow, Maniac had hit a nerve. Other corp leaders explained their assistance and loyalty to E-Uni, and in the end, the wardeccing backfired massively into Huff's faces. The best fleet commanders of New Eden gathered their forces and covered E-Uni's butt, and took Huff Technology ships out wherever they had a chance. For two months, entire HighSec wiped the floor with them, until Morning Maniac offered them a truce. Huff accepted and they crawled back into their homes, tails between their legs, but happy that they could save face. And yes, that was the short story of EVE University's big war. To the Uni! Three cheers and a Svipul!", Kelduum shouts and raises his glass again, which had just been refilled by one of the waiters.

"To the Uni!", the voices of the attendees echo their ex-CEO, followed by the sound of laughter and more cheerios.

Nobody takes notice of the Sergeant who enters the room. He approaches LeFleur and whispers something in her ear, while handing her a tablet. LeFleur listens, then takes a look at the tablet, gives the Sergeant an inaudible answer, and finally raises her hand.

The attending crowd falls silent, and LeFleur begins to speak.

"Officers, dear Unistas, I have just received some important news.", she announces. Then she turns to the Sergeant. "Please display the video feed on the screens."

The Sergeant nods, and leaves the room.

"One of our patrols reports that the Leviathan-class Titan has jumped into the Luminaire system, followed by a large fleet of Gallentean forces, consisting mostly of Megathron-class battleships. As you probably know, Luminaire is the Home World of the Gallente Federation, which is also inhabitated by a large number of Caldari citizens and also known as Caldari Prime."

LeFleur shrugs, looks at the tablet in her hands, and continues her report.

"The presence of the Gallente fleet triggered an escalation, leading to even more Caldari forces jumping into the system. An announcement got spread, quote:

To the Caldari, the Leviathan that prowls the space over Caldari Prime is the symbol of a national homecoming. With the Caldari Navy protecting the skies above them, it was here where the triumphant armies of Tibus Heth descended onto the planet’s surface to reclaim their ancestral birthplace.

This sounds a lot like a declaration of war to me."

The attendees stick their heads together and mumble to each other.

"The answer to the Caldari statement didn't take long, and it came from Jacus Roden's flagship.", LeFleur continues. "Quote:

To the Federation, there is no greater symbol of infamy, as millions of their citizens are trapped below, held at gunpoint by Caldari instruments of death in space."

LeFleur pauses a few seconds, to let the message sink in.

"In other words, we have a war situation on our hand. We are currently waiting for Station Services to establish a link and forward a live feed from our scouts to us... ah, here it comes.", LeFleur concludes, and the monitors along the walls begin to display images of a battle.


"By Bob the Great, I think the Gallente will take the beast down!", Kelduum shouts.

Heads turn into his direction, eyes wide open in shock and awe.

"That's... impossible!", you hear a familiar voice behind you. It's Marruk Uri.

LeFleur raises her left hand again, the index finger of the right hand pressed onto the earpiece of her headset. "I understand.", you hear her speak. "Okay, send us the feed."

Then LeFleur looks at us again. "Gentleman, Ladies, we have some new information incoming. We got intel that the Caldari have deployed ground troops and are ordering orbital strikes on Gallentean defenses. We are expecting to get a live fee... ah, here it is."


The feed ends, and only silence remains. Silence, so unnerving, it feels like a silent scream.

After a seemingly endless amount of time - A few seconds? Or even minutes? - LeFleur's broken voice cuts through your thoughts like a hot knife through butter.

"I am afraid that we we just saw is real.", LeFleur speaks with a trembling voice. "There is nothing we can do now, except waiting for further information from our directors in Slays."

Then LeFleur turns to you.

"Starhopper, you own a private frigate, right?", she asks.

You nod.

"I need all experienced personnel to secure the station and prepare for a potential attack, since we inhabit an area which is under Gallentean rule. Could you be so kind and fly to Luminaire VII? Examine the battlefield and bring us some visual intel of the crash site where the Titan went down. This would help us to estimate the number of civilian casualties on the planet. This is all we can do unless we receive new orders."

Yes, Madam.

"But... Starhopper.... Fly safe. And I really mean it this time.", you hear her voice as you turn away.

You leave the conference room, and for the first time, you have the feeling that your help is really required.

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