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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

One question to ask yourself before heading out to Solitude is, do you see yourself wanting to come back to contiguous Hi-Sec regularly? If so, it is highly recommended that you first obtain a Jump Clone and move it to Amygnon (or wherever you wish to return) before heading out to Solitude. Failure to do this may cause you to miss out on Corporate and Alliance events hosted at the University HQ since the route back can be time consuming and perilous.

Taking the 'Pod Express'

As long as you don’t have any implants in your clone traveling to Solitude by “Pod Express” may be the simplest route. Home Station to Gravity Well in Boystin if you still have your once-a-year remote relocation available, and then self-destruct your pod.

Jumping down a Wormhole

The Solitude Coordinated Scanning Endeavour aims to find highsec-to-highsec wormholes (H2H) on regular basis. Entry and exit points for active WHs can usually be found in the Project Solitude Exploration bookmarks folder with notifications being sent out via the Solitude.E-Uni mailing list - it is a good idea to join the list before you want to move to Solitude. H2Hs can only be found if people search for them, so if you are new to the campus and want to move, visit the Solitude ingame chat channel and ask if someone has scanned recently.

Lower quality connections (from highsec to wormhole space to highsec again or from lowsec to lowsec) are usually not shared via the mailing list but can sometimes be found in the WHC Mapper under the Solitude map. On average regular H2H's are found once a day if people scan all the time, though, since this is an average, it can easily happen that a few days go past without a H2H even though people are scanning.

Even if you don't want to move to Solitude right now, it is a good idea to join the mailing list Solitude.E-Uni and use the next H2H to place a clone in Solitude, enabling you to easily clone jump to Solitude for fleets etc.

Dodging pirates in low-sec

The low-sec route is a good option if you'd like to travel to Solitude in a shuttle or another cheap, fast ship.

  • This is the long route via Aridia, from Bherdasopt (high-sec) through Gonditsa, Otakod, Agaullores and Yveve to Yvelet (high-sec). The biggest risk of this particular route is a persistent gatecamp of the Bherdasopt gate in Gonditsa. When planning to take this route, it might be a good idea to scout ahead and check if the area is safe. Once past Gonditsa, this tends to be the safer although longer route.
  • A somewhat safer but slightly longer route through southern Aridia bypasses Gonditsa entirely, going instead through Vehan and Hier before meeting up with the northern Aridia route in Shirshocin. Be aware there are often gate camps at Sadana, Onanam, and Udianoor once you come through the Zinkon pipeline. This route does, however, provides easier access to the Amarr trade hub.
  • Read the Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec for additional information.

Facing the quiet dangers of null-sec

For those brave enough to venture into null-sec, there are two possible routes through Syndicate to get to Solitude:

  • Route 1 starts in Stacmon (0.6) and goes through two low-sec systems (Ostingele and Harroule, since the Stacmon gate in Ostingele is often camped, you may go via Dastryns) and enters Syndicate at MHC-R3. Please note that this entry system is often camped. It then carries on via M2-CF1, Y9G-KS, Pertnineere (low-sec) and then Boystin (high-sec).
  • Route 2 starts in Chesiette (0.6) and goes through one low-sec system (Reblier) and enters Syndicate at 6-CZ49. This route also ends up at M2-CF1 and follows the rest of the path to Solitude as mentioned above. This route is often camped too, but at least the dangerous entry point from high-sec to low-sec in Reblier is usually camped by friendlies. The Null-Sec Campus (NSC) is also just one jump away from one of the systems on this route, so you can expect to see more E-Uni members on this route.

Please visit the Solitude (EVE Uni) and the NSC (EVE Uni) channel before travelling through Syndicate. The above mentioned pipes are frequently being travelled by members already based in Solitude and the Null-Sec camp. Some viable intel might be available.

Use the uni sponsored jump ship service

Thanks to the NullSec Campus a free jump ship service is provided between Boystin - Gravity Well and PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post from there it is possible to utilize a second jump ship service to send items between PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post and Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

More information about how to use the service can be found on the forums under the Campus-Sponsored Hauling.

Important notes

  • The service is FREE; funded by the corporation taxes on PvE; missioning; using POCOs etc. But feel free to put a tip on; around 1 million isk per 10,000 m3 is a perfect amount to cover fuel costs.
  • No collateral can be put on these contracts. If the service is destroyed and your items lost they will not be replaced by the Uni.
  • The service runs at least once a week to Boystin and every couple of days between PC9 and Jita so it can take up to a week and a half to move items from Jita to Boystin or vice versa.
  • It is possible to create remote contracts so don't fly (or Jump Clone) to PC9 to create the second contract; just do it from Solitude once the items arrive in PC9.
  • Obviously the service can only move items. You'll still need to either fly or clone jump yourself to Solitude. Sorry, but no bus services exist in EVE yet.

Making use of courier services

  • Wormholes have a limited time and mass. As such, it might not always be possible for members to make good use of them. And the uni jump service can take some time and is at the user's risk. An alternative is to use a courier to move assets into the region. Although there are many courier services around, Black Frog and PushX are probably the best known. Note though that using courier services can be a quite costly exercise. Black Frog for example, charges 100 000 000 ISK to move up to 320 000 m3 from Slays to Boystin.
  • Several E-UNI members routinely move materials into Solitude and may be willing to accept courier contracts. Pricing is typically negotiable. Ask in Soli chat or offers and requests if you are looking to move large volumes of items in or out of the area.