Blood Owned Station

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Locating & Difficulty

This is an escalation that can be obtained by running Minor Blood Annex sites. It will take you to several new systems, each about 4 jumps from the previous one. Only the escalation trigger ship needs to be killed to continue the escalation.

First Escalation

To your surprise, the Overseer seems to have spent the last moments of his life sending some message to your ship on a private channel, a fact you learn from a blinking entry on your communication panel a few seconds after his innards slid across your windshield, bounced along your fuselage and were sucked into your thrusters. It appears he wanted to save his life by telling you the whereabouts of some place you could load your cargohold with riches, but before he could get very far with his offer, his journey ended. All you have is some hysteric babble about a hidden mining station at a certain location.

7x Blood Heavy Missile Batteries
5x Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) - Web
1x Battlecruiser (Mercenary Supervisor) - Escalation Trigger
4x Battleships (Mercenary Overlord)

Second Escalation

Among the things you find are a few drones. Running a scan on their control units reveals they have been used not long ago, at another place not far away from here.

Third Escalation

All these moon mining stations suggest there must be a station or outpost somewhere in the region servicing them and refining the raw materials they produce. Again you look for clues from the drones and again the data you extract suggest a new location not too far away.

Fourth Escalation

Escalation Failure


Completing all four escalations gives the possibility of an Ashimmu BPC or Corpum (Cruiser) A-Type module drops in the final escalation site.