Blood Raider Covenant

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The Blood Raider Covenant is an NPC pirate organization, they are the primary NPC pirate enemy of the Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom, and Ammatar Mandate.


The Blood Raider Covenant began as part of the Sani Sabik, an ancient Amarrian religious cult. Over time their practices grew more fanatical, they began draining victims of their blood to use in Blood Raider rituals. The Blood Raiders believe that the blood of a cloned body is more pure than other bodies; as a result they began seeking out and attacking unaware pod pilots.

The Blood Raiders hold the Amarr Empire and it’s faith in contempt, they often carry out attacks on Amarr crewed vessels and Amarrian colonies.

The Blood Raiders are considered extremely dangerous, deviant criminals and terrorist. Their CEO Omir Sarikusa is at the top of the Amarr Empire’s most wanted list as well as DED’s most wanted list.

Member Corps

The Blood Raiders are the sole member corporation for the Blood Raider Covenant.

Blood Raiders


Controlled Territory


The Blood Raiders are currently settled in the Delve Region. (They were located in The Bleak Lands but were forced out by the Ammar Navy in retaliation for the Blood Raiders attack on Mabnen I in YC107)


The Blood Raiders lay claim to twelve systems. UHKL-N / Z3V-1W / A-ELE2 / KFIE-Z / 1DH-SX / PR-8CA / FWST-8 / YZ9-F6 / 0N-3RO / G-TT5V / 319-3D / I3Q-II


UHKL-N V - Moon 1 - Blood Raider Testing Facilities

Z3V-1W VII - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

A-ELE2 VI - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

KFIE-Z VIII – Moon 18 – Blood Raiders Logistic Support

KFIE-Z III - Moon 7 - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

1DH-SX III - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support

PR-8CA III - Blood Raiders Logistic Support

FWST-8 II - Blood Raiders Logistic Support

YZ9-F6 V - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

0N-3RO VII - Moon 14 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities

G-TT5V VII - Moon 11 - Blood Raiders Testing Facilities

319-3D IX - Moon 22 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support

I3Q-II VII - Moon 2 - Blood Raiders Assembly Plant


Region Constellation System


News Events

June 9 YC107 The Blood Radiers launch a terrorist attack on Mabnen I, releasing toxins into the atmosphere.


The Blood Raiders

Houses of the Holy

Of God and Her Beast

Related Information

Sani Sabik

Cult of the Lash are a splinter sect of the Blood Raiders.

Unique Ships