Blue Pill

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This is a multi-part (up to four) escalation which can be triggered by completing Angel Hideout anomalies. There seemed to be no ship restrictions on the gates, and the entire escalation was completed easily in a HAC.

Part 1

At the first, there are seven Angel frigates and a Domination commander frigate. There is also a "Newly constructed acceleration gate". If you use the gate, you arrive in a pocket with a named Angel boss and a couple of Angel destroyers. They are all out of range and warp off as you approach. This gave the escalation.

Part 2

The next location was the same as the first, except that it contained no faction npc. Again moving through the acceleration gate and watching the npc warp off gave the escalation.

Part 3

The third location held many more npcs, including a few cruisers. Passing through the acceleration gate and the named boss warped off, but left the bodyguards.

Part 4

The last location contained a group of frigs and cruisers, which triggered a second wave of npcs, and then the boss.


Each part of the escalation has a chance to drop Domination frigate-sized faction modules and commander rats can be salvaged to yield T2 salvage.