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Site Details
Booster R&D
Type Expedition
Rating Unrated
Found in P1- P3 High, P4 Low
Max ship size Unverified
Pirate faction Serpentis
Damage to deal Kinetic damage Kin
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
55% Kinetic damage Kin
45% Thermal damage Th
Sig. Strength Escalate from
Serpentis Vigil

Escalates from Serpentis Vigil

Expedition start:
Going through the items found in the Serpentis outpost, you notice some unused boosters still in their original packs complete with documentation and bear the seal of the Serpentis Corporation. The documentation notes further that these boosters as "Field Test" material and not for common consumption and at the bottom there is ordering info, stating item number and the makers electronic address. Feeling it is worth a shot, you set your communication instruments to emulate those of the Serpentis facility you just laid to waste, feed in the booster factory addy and hit send. And lo and behold, you get an instant reply, a sleepy sounding female voice says "SC medical research 504, good day. How may I help you? Oh! It is Vigil 15? I have a message for you from the supply office, they say you are late. Get to G5, pick up the materials and get here as soon as possible" She adds information on the location and tells you to talk to Nadir, also at G5 if there is anything. And with that she is off the air.

First Location


Escalation message:
Suddenly the channel comes alive with the Serpentis lady from the medical station again. "SCmr504 to Vigil 15, divert to a new location, we have news of pirate activity at G5, confirm please!" You broadcast a reply with the identification from the one of the ships you destroyed back at the Serpentis Vigil station, which seems to be sufficient for her; she says that you should stay off the air for security reasons and that she will contact you soon again with further instructions.

Second Location


Message on attacking Core Lord Admiral:
Mayday! Mayday G6 industrial group being attacked by pirates!

Template:NPCTable Template:NPCTable

Escalation message:
Again your radio comes alive with the voice of this femme serpentia "This is an important security announcement, all ships in G5, G6, G8 and G9: evacuate immediately to a new location and wait for security forces to escort you back to base." It seems like your little enterprise has made the local division of the Serpentis organization a bit confused, perhaps they are not used to be the hunted. This message was a bit troubling though... you can expect two whole gas mining teams and a security team of an undisclosed size. You need to be more careful here...

Third Location

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Fourth Location

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