Break Their Will (Blood Raiders) (Level 1)

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name=Break Their Will, Level 1

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: (?EM/Thermal?)
Extras: None
Web/Scramble: None
Recommended damage: (EM/Thermal)
Recommended ships: Frigate (non rookie)

Single Pocket

1x Repair Outpost (37 km) -Trigger
3x Auxillary Power Array (42 km)

Group 1 (Auto Aggro):
1x Frigate (Corpii Follower)
4x Frigates (Corpii Worshipper)
4x Repair Station`s Point Defense battery (i.e. Light missile Sentry w/ 10k ISK bounty)

Group 2: (Auto Aggro):

2x Frigates (Mercenary Fighter) 5K ISK bounty
3x Frigate (Mercenary Rookie) 2K ISK bounty


Destroy the repair station and warp out.

Mineable Asteroid info:

21x Scordite
40x Veldspar


Killing the Repair Outpost incurs a -4% standing penalty.


- This mission can be mined repeatedly by destroying all but the repair station. (Destroying the repair station completes the mission objective.)
- If you're not blitzing, destroy the auxilary power generators generators first. Doing so does not trigger the initial NPC spawn.
- Be sure to enable "Large Collidable Structure" within your overview settings under the "Entity"
- Group 1 spawns when the repair station is first fired upon. Group 2 spawns after the repair station is destroyed.