Cadaver Reef

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Site Details
Cadaver Reef
Type COSMOS site
Found in
Max ship size
Faction Guristas, Rogue Drones
Damage to deal
Damage to
Sig. Strength

Cadaver Reef is COSMOS site found in E-8CSQ constellation.

It is rumored that the site can drop X-type deadspace modules or faction modules but these rumors have never been confirmed.

Site details

1st pocket

A number of Rogue Drone ships. Furthest ships are 90 km away. Ships include including:

  • Two elite frigates with web+point.
  • Thre elite Rogue Drone battleships that drop Elite Drone AI chips.

Acceleration gate is locked until all ships are destroyed.

2nd pocket

More Rogue Drone ships. Including: Seven elite drone battleships. Maybe one ship that points.

3rd pocket

  • 1-2 Frigates that point
  • 2x Battleships with weak long range webs.
  • Named battleship "Anti-stabilizer" drops 2x 2 drone modified passcards.

Acceleration gate is locked until a structure is destroyed.

4th pocket

Lage number of Guristas ships. At least one ship that points.

  • Akkeshu Kuran drops Akkeshu Karuan's DNA