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EVE University is refocusing their efforts on teaching players how to create a ship fitting to meet their needs, rather than providing fittings without communicating an understanding for why the fitting was created in that manner.

As a result, the UniWiki will soon be removing its repository of ship fittings. They will be replaced with a renewed focus on ship-specific roles and bonuses, as well as links to broader articles on how to fit ships for those roles and bonuses. UniWiki will also provide links to other websites (e.g. zKillboard, EveWorkbench) and articles on how to find suitable fits on those websites. There is no set date for the Fittings removal, but it will likely occur within the first week of August, 2020. This notice is to provide you the opportunity to save your favorite fits.

Thank you -- EVE University / UniWiki Management

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EVE University operates in several locations across the EVE Universe. Over time, some groups have formed around a key activity or location, forming what we call "Campuses". Some campuses are tightly tied to the University, with official managers and officers appointed by University management to oversee the campus. Other communities are student organized, with no appointed leader. Each campus will have its own internal programs that they run, separate from the main university.

No matter which campus you may be in, you are always part of EVE University. Campuses are a part of our greater community, not a separate community - there are frequent inter-campus fleets, events and so on.



Aldrat is the headquarters of Eve University. It has fully stocked hangars and many corporate services available, including a corporate POS (Harmonia) which - amongst other things - has mineral compression & reprocessing services available for use.

Many practical classes and events will take place in Aldrat - but not all; make sure to carefully read class & event forum threads for any details of locations. Aldrat is in Minmatar high-security space only a few jumps from the market hub of Hek, and ideally placed for missioning, mining and other PvE activities.

Official University Campuses

These Campuses are run by a manager and officers appointed by EVE University. They benefit from University resources & services, but in addition often operate their own internal programs, such as ship replacement and loot distribution/re-buying.

Managers and officers in these groups have the same authority and responsibilities as a manager or officer of any other division of the University. All official campuses require you - if you are actively operating in the area - to be logged into Mumble to coordinate activities whilst playing.

Low-Sec Campus (LSC)


The Low-Sec Campus focuses on living in Low Security Space. Its mission statement is to: “Provide an educational location where newcomers to Low Security space can learn the skills needed to not only succeed, but thrive under constant threat.” For more information, visit their page.

NullSec Campus (NSC)


The Nullsec Campus focuses on living in Null Security Space. Its mission is to "* Establish and maintain a supportive base in NPC nullsec space, give students the opportunity to experience living in nullsec, and the risks associated, provide the opportunity to learn to survive and to practice PvP and PvE nullsec activities." For more information, visit their page.

Wormhole Campus (WHC)


The Wormhole Campus focuses on living in wormholes. It's dedicated to educating students about wormhole life. The WHC is currently based out of a C2 wormhole with Hisec and C3 statics, offering advanced PvP, PvE, Planetary Interaction, Mining, and Manufacturing.

Unofficial Communities

These communities have no central leader assigned by EVE University. While they are not directly under University control, the University may step in and take over one if the need arises. All students participating in these groups are expected to be part of the EVE University community and follow the overall direction set by EVE University Management. However, the University is not in charge of their specific programs, and is not responsible for any problems that arise as a result.

Members of these communities are not officers or managers in the University. They have no more authority than any other member.

Amarr Mining Campus (AMC)


The Amarr Mining Campus tries to organize an outlet for miners in the University. For more information, visit their page

Amarr Mining Campus Mission Statement The Amarr Mining Campus was founded to provide EVE University students with the opportunity to learn how to mine efficiently and safely. This includes giving advice for solo mining and providing organised fleet operations. All this will be provide in a friendly and supportive environment.

Goals of the Amarr Mining Camp:

  • Teach students how to mine, co-operate and function in fleet mining operation with utmost efficiency.
  • Inform students about ways to maximize the profits and benefits that come with organized mining.
  • Introduce students to the basics of participating and running in a mining fleet and including the necessary paperwork.
  • Support students to organize with their personal mining operations including some basic spreadsheets.

Project Solitude


Project Solitude aims to provide an isolated environment where students require motivation and self-sufficiency to survive. This area provides easy access to low-sec and null-sec opportunities. The focus of this campus is on exploration, missioning, and industrial endeavours.

Incursions Community


EVE University has an active Incursions Community that works together to introduce students and alumni to that area of the game, and to run sites together.

The community primarily focuses on running short-ranged, stationary shield fleets in Vanguard sites, and has a doctrine that is very forgiving of the lower SP and cheaper hulls often associated with Uni students.

Location: Nomadic. All of contiguous hisec, and occasionally Solitude. The mailing list will tell you where they are today.

Requirements: Any student, or alumni in good standing, is welcome to join us to learn about Incursions, scout, hack and picket. The nature of the content means that we have to require certain skills and fittings before people may join our fleets in combat ships - but those requirements are kept as low as possible, and clearly laid out - and we treat everyone who does meet them as equally as possible.

For more information about Incursions, and the E-UNI Incursions community, see the pages in the Incursions section of the wiki.

High Sec Group

Mission Statement:

  • Provide an educational location where newcomers to Eve can work together, learn, and flourish.


  • Provide a starting point where new players can easily try their hand at PvP, missions, manufacturing, and any other aspect of the game with ease.
  • Provide a thriving, knowledgeable and welcoming community.
  • Provide easy access to the other E-UNI campuses.