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Cloning is the technology that makes New Eden's capsuleers (i.e. EVE players) immortal. It consists of two main technologies:

  • Medical clones act as a new clean (no implants) clone, which are only activated when your current body is killed. This clone is always located at your set Home Station. This should not be confused with the current clone you are in, regardless if you have jump clones.
  • Jump clones, which are additional bodies (often scattered all over the galaxy) into which you can jump your "consciousness" at will.

Medical Clones

Every capsuleer receives a medical clone as soon as they are "born" (i.e. when the character is first created). If your character is killed (i.e. when their pod is destroyed; this is also known as "being podded"), his/her consciousness is immediately transferred from the destroyed clone into this medical clone, causing you to "wake up" again at the station you have selected as your Home Station. Any implants plugged into your brain at the moment you were killed are destroyed along with your body.


Selecting a new location for a medical clone.

When you first create a new character, their medical clone will be located at the academy space station in the starter system where they begin their life.

You can move your medical clone elsewhere by setting a different Home Station. Dock up in a station (or citadel) and either using the Clone Bay, or in the absence of such, simply right click on the station's link (top left corner of the screen), selecting "Set Home Station" from the contextual menu to move your medical clone to that station. It makes sense to move your medical clone to a station near where you will likely be flying, in order to avoid the long journey back should you get podded. Also, you may want to consider leaving a few fitted ships at the station with your medical clone, so that you can immediately board a ship and get back into the action.

You cannot set your medical clone in w-space, with the exception of Thera, which acts like k-space.

If you choose a station/outpost in Sov Null under the ownership of a player corp, or in any citadel, you need to consider the consequences should that station change ownership or your relationship with the current owners change. You will always be able to set your original school station as your home station remotely should you ever find yourself "stuck".

Remote installing clones

In addition to moving your medical clone in the station in which you currently are, you can also move it remotely to any station where your corporation has an office. However, you can only do this once per year (there is a 365 day cooldown), with two notable exceptions:

  • You can always move your medical clone remotely to the system in which your character started the game.
  • New characters (i.e. less than 30 days old) have this counter reset each time they switch corporations.

To remote install a Clone you must be at a station with a Clone Bay. The simplest way to remotely install a clone is to open the Clone Bay in the station facilities and select Change Station. This will give you the list of possible stations you can swap to.

Jump Clones

Main article: Jump Clones

Jump Clones allow a pilot to store a non-medical clone in a different part of the galaxy and instantly jump his mind from his current body into a clone stored elsewhere in the universe. Unlike medical clones, these can be activated at will (although there is a cost per use at NPC stations for 900,000 ISK; and a cooldown between uses, unless within the same citadel). Also, unlike the medical clone, they are not provided for free at NPC stations (they cost 900,000 ISK), require specialized training (Infomorph Psychology), and to set-up (install) you need to be docked at a station with a Clone Bay, a citadel with a Stand Up Clone Service, or access to a Rorqual or Titan, to use its on board Clone Vat Bay, if so fitted. Just as your current clone, they can have implants installed in them and those implants remain with that clone and do not transfer or affect your current clone. Once installed you don't need to worry about your jump clone with regards to Clone Bays; they don't play any role in how you use or move around your jump clones. Think of your jump clones as ships that you fit implants on, and the Clone Bay simply as a "market" to be able to buy and install your jump clones through.

Jump clones very useful to safeguard valuable implants (to prevent them being destroyed when your pod is destroyed), or to quickly travel around New Eden.