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Ivy League Member’s Code of Conduct

Eve University holds a unique position in the Eve Universe. Conceived and implemented with the express purpose of assisting new players through the steep learning curve of the first few months of the Eve experience with no long-term goal of retaining those assisted, Eve University is truly different from the vast majority of other player-owned corporations. The success of Eve University can be measured in the respect we have earned in the Eve Community.

Part of that uniqueness is the Code of Conduct that we adhere to as a group. The Three Big Rules and the accompanying Little Rules are expressions of who we are and how we choose to interact with one another and with the Eve Universe. They are not designed to be “fair” or “moral” or “ethical”. They are simply the standards of conduct that we choose to voluntarily adhere. A member is free to leave if he/she/it finds the Code of Conduct repressive and can be asked to leave if it is clear adherence to the Code of Conduct is not forthcoming.

Key Concepts

Eve University and members are honest in our dealings with one another and those with which we come in contact. We don’t lie, cheat or deceive. Our word is trustworthy. In times of war, strategic and tactical considerations may require temporary departures from this concept from the perspective of our enemies, but our allies and other members should never be given doubt about our commitment to play the game with integrity.

Eve University and members treat individuals both inside and outside the organization with respect. Personal attacks, pejoratives, disparaging remarks, ad hominum arguments and/or ridicule are to be avoided at all times. The property rights of others are always to be respected.

Members of Eve University are free to make their own choices. Eve University does not require members to live in certain systems or prohibit them from living in others. Members are free to choose to explore any of the skill sets available in the Eve Universe at their own pace, in their own place. Members are free to participate in classes and activities as they choose. Members can participate in mining events that benefit the University or not. Members can fly combat when we are at war or not. Members choose their own play times.

Members of Eve University are encouraged to balance “self” with “service”. In the beginning, members are appropriately primarily focused on advancing their skills, establishing a viable personal economy and generally learning how things work. As experience and knowledge levels increase, new members find that they can support newer members. Most members naturally progress in this activity. Those that choose to stay with Eve University for longer periods of time find this role very fulfilling and a primary reason for remaining.

Concepts in Practice: The Three Big Rules

  1. We don’t pirate or grief.
  2. We don’t scam or steal.
  3. We don’t talk smack.

Concepts in Practice: The Little Rules

Leave your potty mouth at home. Yes, you have the freedom to express your frustration about getting blown up by the last NPC boss in the last room of your current mission, but expand your vocabulary! Seriously.

The “Eve University” public channel is just that: a PUBLIC channel. This is the face of Eve University that new players most often see first. The purpose of the channel is to provide a place for people to ask questions and to become acquainted with us. It’s not to be used as an on-line sex chat room, a tin hat convention or an dev bashing outlet.