Convoy Attack (Gallente Federation)

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name=Convoy Attack, Level 5

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FactionGallente Federation
Best damage to dealKine / Therm
Damage to resistTherm/Kin
Warp disruptionYes
Ship suggestionA good group with tank/dmg dealer/remote
ExtraNOS (Federation Praktor Dionia) / Dampners (Elite Federation Matara, Federation Praktor Dionia) / Stasis (Elite Federation Matara) / Scramble (Elite Federation Matara)

Space type: Deadspace
Gated: Yes
Gate Restrictions: No capital-class ships or larger
Blitzable: No
Complete Mission By: Destroying the four Federation Freighters
Single Pocket:
When you warp in, there is a single mixed group. Full aggression is drawn at first shot:
3x Frigates (Elite Federation Matara) (Web/Scramble/Damp)
4x Freighters (Federation Freighter)
17x Battleships (Federation Praktor 4x Dionia/2x Hexeris/6x Hyperion/2x Phanix/3x Polemo)
Nos/Neut coming from Federation Praktor Dionia Passive tank recommended due to heavy neuting from Dionias (active Tengu easily neuted out) Loot:
Freighters drop mostly trade items.