Covert Ships Skillset

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Covert Ops

- Primary Skills - (race specific) Frigate: V

- Secondary Skills - Spaceship Command: III Electronic Upgrades: V Electronics: II Engineering: II

    • NOTE**:exploration skills not included

- Other Related Skills (Stealth Bomber) -

Cloaking ~ Missile Launcher Operation Torpedos ~ Rapid Launch Standard Missiles ~ Missile Bombardment Heavy Missiles ~ Missile Projection Warhead Upgrades ~ Torpedo Specialization Weapon Upgrades ~ Advanced Weapon Upgrades Energy Managment ~ Long Range Targeting Signature Analysis ~ Targeting Jury Rigging ~ Launcher Rigging Bomb Deployment ~ Cynosural Field Theroy


Recon Ships:

- Primary Skills (race specific) Cruiser: V Spaceship Command: V (race specific) Frigate: IV

- Secondary Skills Recon Ships: I Covert Ops: IV Electronic Upgrades: V Electronics: II Engineering: II Signature Analysis: V

- Other Related Skills (Force Recon Ships) -

Eletronic Warfare ~ Frequency Modulation Long Distance Targeting ~ Long Distance Jamming Projected Electronic Counter Measures ~ Sensor Linking Signal Dispersion ~ Signal Suppression Target Painting ~ Targeting Turret Destabilization ~ Weapon Disruption Energy Managment - Energy Grid Upgrades Jury Rigging ~ Cloaking ~ Cynosural Field Theroy


Black Ops:

- Primary Skills - (race specific) Battleship: V (race specific) Cruiser: IV (race specific) Frigate: IV Spaceship Command: V

- Secondary Skills - Black Ops: I Cloaking: IV Electronics: IV Jump Drive Calibration: IV Jump Drive Operation: V Navigation: V Warp Drive Operation: V Science: V

- Other Related Skills -

Additional skills depend highly on the race of the ship, style of the pilot and how they plan to fly their ship. Having a base of "Support Skills" can give Black Ops pilots a better range of flying styles.

Electronic Upgrades ~ Long Range Targeting Sinature Analysis - Target Painting Targeting ~ Energy Managment Energy Systems Operation ~ Jury Rigging Jump Fuel Conservation