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* Mining Foreman V
* Mining Foreman V
Implants for improved yield:
* HX-2 (Slot 10)
* Michi (Slot 7)
Other useful skills:
Other useful skills:
* Refining skills (for refining your ores)
* Refining skills (for refining your ores)
* Trade skills (for selling your minerals)
* Trade skills (for selling your minerals)

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This document will discuss a method to create an miner avatar who will be flying a Hulk in a six and a half weeks (a month and a half). This can be used for an alt (for an out-of-Uni miner during wartime) or on a second account.

The training plan has been hand optimized to fit the longest skills within the 1,600,000 SP bonus training limit, and omits any learning skills which would be beneficial in the longer term. These should be considered for training after the Hulk can be flown.


Training a new avatar to fly a Hulk from scratch using this guide will take about 45 days, or 42 if you use a remap (which is not particularly recommended). The requirements are:

  • New avatar with no training (or less than 4,000 SP trained) (does not include the starting SP of almost 60,000)
  • 74,000,000 ISK
    • Approximately 40,000,000 (40m) ISK for four +3 implants (except for CHA)
    • Approximately 34,000,000 (34m) ISK for skill books
      • This is only about 6,000,000 (6m) ISK if you want to fly only a Covetor

Because this can be done in under 51 days, you can create this on a buddy trial (21 days) that was converted to a full account using a 35-digit account code. This gives 51 days for the US price of $20.

Neglecting the implants will extend the training plan out to just over 51 days, which is still possible to train as training doesn't stop for a few days after your subscription runs out.


Have these items available for immediate trading to your new miner:

  • Implants
    • +3 INT
    • +3 MEM
  • Skillbooks
    • Cybernetics
    • Instant Recall
    • Analytical Mind
    • Learning
    • Industry

These items will be needed starting no earlier than four days into the training:

  • Implants
    • +3 PER
    • +3 WIL
  • Skillbooks
    • Astrogeology
    • Iron Will
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Mining Barge
    • Logic
    • Exhumers

Important Note

It is very important that you do not stray from this exact training plan until after training Mining Barge V. Adding anything else (beyond about 5,900 SP) before this point will cause you to lose your 100% bonus and will add 16 days to your training plan if you proceed otherwise unmodified!

Training Plan

  1. Cybernetics I
    • After training this, plug in the +3 INT/MEM implants
  2. Instant Recall I
  3. Analytical Mind I
  4. Learning I
  5. Instant Recall II
  6. Analytical Mind II
  7. Learning II
  8. Instant Recall III
  9. Analytical Mind III
  10. Learning III
  11. Industry I
  12. Industry II
  13. Industry III
  14. Industry IV
  15. Industry V
    • This one will take over three days to train
  16. Science IV
  17. Mining III
  18. Mining IV
  19. Astrogeology I
  20. Astrogeology II
  21. Astrogeology III
  22. Astrogeology IV
    • This is about a two day train
  23. Iron Will I
  24. Iron Will II
  25. Iron Will III
  26. Spatial Awareness I
  27. Spatial Awareness II
  28. Spatial Awareness III
    • No later than this point, plug in your +3 PER/WIL implants
  29. Mining Barge I
  30. Mining Barge II
  31. Mining Barge III
    • This is just under 10 days into the training regime
    • At this point you can fly a Retriever fitted with 2x Strip Miner I and a Survey Scanner II
      • You can safely train Hull Upgrades II (~60,000 ISK) to fit Expanded Cargohold II modules
  32. Mining Barge IV
  33. Mining Barge V
    • This is a long one and will take about 13 days
    • After this trains, you will be at approximately 1,595,000 SP and your bonus training speed will end with the next (non-trivial) thing you train.
  34. Analytical Mind IV
  35. Logic I
  36. Logic II
  37. Logic III
  38. Astrogeology V
    • This is the longest haul, over 17 days. You can get this shorter with more learning skills, but any additional will increase the overall training time and hence should be trained after this plan is complete to fly a Hulk the soonest.
    • At the completion of this skill, you can fly a Covetor, but you're only a day or two from Hulk
  39. Spaceship Command IV
  40. Exhumers I
  41. Exhumers II
  42. Exhumers III

And you're ready to get into your Hulk (with Strip Miner I), about 44d 20h later if you had no wasted time.


If you wish to remap once, remap at the start to:

  • INT: 13
  • PER: 11
  • Everything else minimum (5)

This should knock another 3-4 days off the training time. This is also a reasonable setup for learning many combat skills, although one with more PER and less INT would be preferable. It will leave you with another remapping to use.


If you wish, please import this plan into EVEMon here. (Uni Forum link; not open to the public, sorry.)

Going Farther

Next, you will probably want to train up your skills to be the best Miner you can be. Here are some skills you will want. (See this for a little reference.)

Mining skills:

  • Exhumers V (For the best yield, lowest cycle time on ice)
  • Mining V (For Modulated Strip Miner IIs)
  • Astrogeology V (although you already have this)
  • Mining Laser Upgrades IV (For Mining Laser Upgrade II)
  • Ore Processing IV (for T2 crystals): All highsec ores, especially Veldspar, Plagioclase, Scordite
    • Also Omber Processing IV if you're in Minmatar space
    • Requires Refining IV and V
  • Ice Mining V (if you're an ice miner)
  • Cybernetics V (for the yield implants)
  • Drones V
  • Mining Drones V
  • Drone Interfacing V

Capacitor skills:

  • Energy Management III-IV
  • Energy Systems Operation III-IV

Tanking skills:

  • Shield Operation III+
  • Shield Management III+
  • Shield Compensation III+
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation III+
  • EM/Thermal/Explosive/Kinetic Shield Compensation III+

Leadership skills (allows you to boost a squad in a large op):

  • Leadership V
  • Mining Foreman V

Implants for improved yield:

  • HX-2 (Slot 10)
  • Michi (Slot 7)

Other useful skills:

  • Refining skills (for refining your ores)
  • Trade skills (for selling your minerals)