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#REDIRECT [[Timers]]
Crimewatch was introduced in the Retribution expansion. It consists of [[Bounty Hunting System|bounties]], flags, and kill rights.
see [[Bounty Hunting System]]
There are different types of flags: pvp, weapons, npc, suspect, & criminal
*pvp flags are received when you attack another player.
*weapon flags differ from pvp. If you activate something like an ECM burst or smartbomb  you receive a weapons flag, even if nobody got hit.
*npc flags are given when you attack an npc or an npc attacks you
=Kill Rights=
Kill rights are generated when a criminal flag is put on a player. In hi-sec,  kill rights are only available if your ship is attacked in hi-sec. In lo-sec, kill rights are only available if you are podded.
Remote repairing a criminal does not generate a kill right; however, the repairer will receive a criminal flag
Kill rights are saved and can be activated anytime until it expires in 30 days
Kill rights can be bought and activated in one action.
You can set up your overview to have brackets for open kill rights. So you can easily spot a target, buy and activate the kill right, and attack
==Using a Kill Right==
When you activate a kill right, your target will gain a suspect flag and can be attacked legally by anyone in the vicinity.
You can also put your kill right up for sale. The price can be from zero to whatever you want.

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