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Crimewatch was introduced in the Retribution expansion. It consists of flags, and kill rights. Bounties are also closely related.


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There are different types of flags: weapons, PvP, NPC, suspect, & criminal. Depending on your actions, you can receive multiple flags.

  • Weapon flags are given if you activate something like an area of effect (whether someone is hit or not), or if you activate an aggressive module against any player. You can also gain a weapons flag if you assist a flagged player who has a flag more severe than you. See images for details. The flag prevents you from jumping, docking, or changing ships in space for 60 seconds.
  • pvp flags are received when you attack another player or another player attacks you. It prevents your ship disappearing from space if you log off. This lasts for 15 minutes; however, continuing pvp action can extend the timer.
  • npc flags are given when you attack an npc or an npc attacks you. It too prevents your ship disappearing from space if you log off. This lasts for 15 minutes, but further attack will not extend the timer.

Weapon and PvP flags are gained for both legal targets (eg. war targets) and illegal targets (eg. players in a npc corp).

Suspect and criminal flags depend on what you do and where you do it. They are the consequences of weapon and pvp flags against illegal targets; Legal targets will not gain a suspect or criminal flag (unless a kill right is used). See images for details.

  • Criminals can be attacked by anyone and will always be attacked by CONCORD (if in hi-sec) and sentry guns. The flag lasts for 15 minutes. And actions that would incur a suspect flag will extend the timer. A criminal flag is gained by attacking an illegal target in highsec or and illegal target flying a pod in lowsec.
  • Suspects can always be legally attacked by other players, but aren't attacked by CONCORD or sentry guns. The flag lasts for 15 minutes and is renewed any time you commit another offence. Suspect flags are gained by can flipping or attacking an illegal target in lowsec.

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Kill Rights

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Kill rights are created when a player attacks an illegal target and gains a criminal flag. Therefore, gaining a kill right varies across security levels: In high-sec, a kill right is gained if your ship is attacked; in low-sec, if your pod is attacked; and in null-sec, if your pod is destroyed. No kill right is gained if you are a legal target (suspect flag, war target, etc)


Remote repairing a criminal does not generate a kill right; however, the repairer will receive a criminal flag

Kill rights are saved and can be activated anytime until it expires in 30 days

Kill rights can be bought and activated in one action.

You can set up your overview to have brackets for open kill rights. So you can easily spot a target, buy and activate the kill right, then attack

Using a Kill Right

When you activate a kill right, your target will gain a suspect flag and can be attacked legally by anyone in the vicinity.

You can also put your kill right up for sale. The price can be from zero to whatever you want. -CCP SoniClover notes the following:

  • If the kill right is made available to everyone, but at a low price, the targeted player can simply use an alt or a friend to get rid of the kill right. This is then just an extra hoop to jump through for those players frequently causing others to get kill rights on them.
  • If the kill right is made available to everyone, but at a high price, then there is much less of a chance of it being activated constantly and thus less of a hassle. This is especially true when considering that players will likely be wary of kill right scams and thus not keen on paying to activate a kill right with a considerable cost.
  • If the kill right is made available to a specific entity, then this is little different than being at war – you just need to remember whom to look out for as it is not as clearly shown as for war.

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