Crimson Nebula

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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Review quantities in clouds due to December 2021, Version 19.11 changes

Crimson Nebula
Type Cytoserocin
Subtype Malachite
Location AmarrAridia (low security systems)
Units per Cloud 500, 500
Sum of Units 1000
Cloud Damage None
Guarded ? No
Deadspaced ? ?
Gas cloud harvesting

This is a low sec gas site found through Exploration.



Minable Gas Clouds:

2 Malachite Cytoserocin (two gas clouds of 500 units each)

Malachite Cytoserocin is used in the production of the Pure Standard Mindflood Booster.

This site is found only in the Aridia region of space.