Data Mining (Amarr)

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Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
EWARImperial Donus (Tracking Disrupt)
Ship size limitCruiser or smaller
Ship suggestionExpedition Frigate or Mining Barge (for mining), Cruiser or Destroyer (for shooting)
Mission briefing
Well, it just so happens that we're in the middle of some operations that might require a capsuleer's assistance.

The Amarrians have been busy lately, building bases and moving fleet resources back and forth along the frontier. We've done recon in several of the systems where the Amarrians have been active, but we recently observed unusual comings and goings in the <system> system. We think they might be building a base in one of the system's asteroid fields, but we can't be sure as all of our ships are tied down in other locations.

I'd like to install a reconnaissance module in your ship, then have you fly to <system> posing as a freelance miner. Go to the asteroid field that we've entered into your NeoCom and mine 2000 units of Scordite. We'll take the ore off your hands when you get back to make sure everything looks aboveboard.

While you're mining, the recon module will be scanning the region and monitoring Amarrian activity around the system. You'll never even notice it's there. Once you've finished, head back here and we'll recover the recon unit, take the ore, and reward you for your efforts.

Note, I'd advise caution. Will you do it, <pilot>?

Single Pocket

  • Group 1 will spawn after 2,000 units of Scordite have been mined.
  • Reinforcements will spawn after destruction or near destruction of previous group.

Group 1

Frigate 5 x Frigate Imperial Matendi
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Imperial Donus Tracking Disruptor

Reinforcement 1

Frigate 6 x Frigate Imperial Disciple

Reinforcement 2

Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Imperial Mathura

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