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This article is about a game mechanic "Deadspace". See Abyssal Deadspace for the PvE content

Deadspace pockets should not be confused with DED / DED complexes

What are deadspace pockets?

A deadspace pocket is an area of space that can't be directly warped to normally. This is unlike jump gates or stations that can be accessed via your overview at all times. Deadspace can be accessed by acceleration gates (mostly with missions) or using core probes to locate the coordinates of an explorable area that is otherwise unreachable.

How is it different than normal space?

Deadspace is unique in that you can not warp directly to the area, but you can still leave that area normally by warping to another location. You must access that same deadspace pocket via the method you arrived there initially. This can be useful, but the mechanic is also time consuming if you need to leave the pocket in the middle of a fight to undergo ship repairs.

Inside a deadspace pocket you're free to use afterburners and microwarpdrives, but you will not be able to warp around inside the pocket itself. This means that while you're free to warp out of the pocket, you cannot use tactical warps on grid to position yourself. So you cannot warp to a wreck or a fleet member that's farther than 150km, which is an effect that many kiters use to their advantage in PvP.

The size of a deadspace pocket is very close to 10000km in radius from the warp-in beacon. Bookmarks can be made just outside the deadspace pocket which can permit various activities to be conducted to manipulate the usual properties of a deadspace pocket. Faction warfare complexes have a significantly larger deadspace pocket zone.


Many epic arc mission pockets have deadspace limits only for warping from outside so that all warps from outside will land on the warpin point. But they still allow warping inside freely. Most ungated epic arc missions and some gated epic arc missions are like this.

The easiest way to take advantage of this is to create a bounce bookmark as you land into the pocket (when the rats become visible you are inside). You can then warp to this bookmark and warp back in to either object in space or a wreck. This allows you to quickly grab the mission item from a wreck or to get into optimal range.

Why do they exist in EVE?

These areas of space allow a player to complete an agent mission without being interrupted by other players exploring or trying to salvage your wrecks. This protection does not stop other players from hijacking your goods in an area discovered by exploration. These areas, while harder to get to, do not limit access from other players.

The following are Deadspace pockets:

  • DED Complexes
  • Agent missions
  • Areas discovered via exploration
  • Lowsec faction warfare based complexes