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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

What is the Diplomacy Department?

The Diplomacy Department is part of the Chief Executive Officer's Division within Eve University. See EVE University Management for details of the other Directorates.

EVE University's Diplomacy Department's main aim is to help uphold Eve University's neutral status and high level of reputation within Eve. The Department manages standings for Ivy League, and acts as a point of contact for Uni members to report diplomatic incidents for further investigation and resolution. The Diplomacy Department also receives contact from organisations outside of Ivy League who have questions about standings or wish to report any diplomatic incidents involving University members.

The Diplomacy Department will liaise with alliances who have declared war, to establish intent and seek mutually beneficent content.

Diplomacy Department Staff

Aren Dar.jpg Aren Dar - Send a forum PM

The Diplomacy Manager oversees EVE University diplomacy and the diplomat team. They are responsible for setting standings, resolving any diplomatic issues and maintaining our neutrality.

Assistant Manager:

Jeracho Dorne.jpg
Jeracho Dorne


Capt Steele.jpg
Capt Steele
Esca Sinak.jpg
Esca Sinak

Contacting E-Uni's Diplomats

If you need to talk to a diplomat, you can do so in game by joining the chat channel Diplomacy (EVE Uni) or contact one of E-Uni's Diplomats directly via EVEmail. If you want to check your current standings with E-Uni, please contact one of the diplomats listed above, and they will verify your standings for you.

E-Uni seeks to remain neutral within Eve as much as game mechanics allow, We have an open Non Aggression Pact policy. Any group can request a NAP and be set to +5 standings to Ivy League as long as there are no previous incidents that prevent a good relationship with Ivy.

Standings Request

To request standings changes for a corporation or alliance, please use this form.

Eve University does not allow single characters to be granted +5 status. If you want to set a single character or an Eve Uni alt to +5 standings with the Uni, you should join an already existing corp with the desired standings, or create a corporation and complete the standings request form.

Aggression Reports

If an Ivy League member has been the victim of a diplomatic incident (for example, a Blue on Blue incident) please submit the details by completing this form so our diplomats can investigate the matter and adjust standings as necessary.

If you believe you have been the victim of a diplomatic incident or poor behaviour by an Ivy League member, please use the same form to allow for the Diplomats to make further enquiries.