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Eve University is run primarily on donations from the members and alumni, along with wellwishers and supporters of our cause, and without these people, we would not be able to provide the new pilots the resources we do.

Making a Donation

Donating ISK

For any monetary donations, please simply locate Eve University in-game via your People and Places window, then select 'Give Money' from the right click menu. Select the 'Master Wallet' as the account, enter your amount and reason, then click OK. Please ensure that you have the correct corporation (show info if neccecary) as there are a number of lookalikes and similar sounding corporations.

Modules, Ships, Charges and other items

Donations from E-UNI members

Please remember to repair and repackage all of the items that you wish to donate if at all possible. If you are donating something which cannot be repackaged (such as a rigged ship) then please name it after yourself so we know where it came from.

If you have Freshman access or above, you should place any modules, charges or similar into the 'E-UNI Donations' container in the Freshman Hangar at HQ. If the items are too large or you do not have access, please drop them directly into the 'Sorting Hangar', preferably within a container named after you so we know where they came from. Note that you will not have access to view the items inside the hangar, but you can still drop donations into it.

IMPORTANT: Please do not place donated items directly onto the stacks or into the hangars or other containers! Use only the 'E-UNI Donations' container or Sorting Hangar for donations. It may seem like you are saving the Hangar Section some time and hassle, but it actually creates more work for them to take your excess items back out!

Donations from Third Parties

Item donations can be contracted directly to a director in-game, and they will be accepted on behalf of the corporation. The best location for any deliveries such as these is usually our headquarters in Aldrat IX - Pator Tech School, however donations can be accepted anywhere in hisec space, and our logistics department can relocate them as needed.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact either our Director of Diplomacy or Director of Logistics.

Sponsorship and Others

From time to time we are approached by parities offering donations or sponsorship in other forms. If you would like to discuss an arrangement outside the above, please speak to our Director of Diplomacy.