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Dotlan is a very useful out of game (OOG) tool that most people pick up on quickly. One issue that people tend to have is figuring out where on the map they are. Dotlan radar is a tool that shows you exactly where you are. However, at first sight there are two issues with this:

  • It requires the use of an in-game browser
  • It does not work with the (much bigger) faction warfare maps

Here, we will show you that both are actually easy to overcome problems. For those of you only interested in using the FW maps, you can skip the first part.


Dotlan Radar with OOG browser

One actually can use Dotlan Radar with an OOG browser, with only one caveat. You need to have Dotlan open and 'tracking' in the ingame browser. Luckily, it still works if the browser is minimized. So, let's first set that up.

To get Dotlan into tracking mode, start up the ingame browser (alt-B or neocom-Accessories-browser) and navigate to [1]. If you have never used this before, you should see the option 'Request Trust (shown and highlighted to the side). Click that and then select 'Trust Website' (note that this gives whoever owns this website some sensitive information so be careful with trusting websites).

giving Dotlan trust

After that, refresh the page and you should get the option to 'start tracking'. Click that. (shown and highlighted to the side)

start radar tracking

This should take you to a screen with to URLs shown and highlighted to the side). Take the top one (the other one doesn't show a map just some textual info on your location) and copy it into your out of game browser.

link to actual map that tracks you

After having done this, you need to keep the ingame browser open so it can continue to receive your current location. Note that apparently, the browser closes itself after a short while when minimized. So, rather than minimizing, one can double click the top bar to collapse it. Moreover, clicking any link in e.g. chat will open that link in the currently active tab, so you may want to open and have 'active' a second tab for any adashbord posts, gifs, or other links you want to click.

Dotlan Radar with FW maps

Some of you may already know of the above. However, this still leaves you with the tiny region maps. When roaming, you may want the bigger faction warfare maps. This is easily possible. First, you need to complete all of the above steps (if you want to use the ingame browser, you will still need the tracking token). Then you need to copy your tracking token (in the examples this was jUBbvul1RR9EvCEM). Having done that, navigate to the faction warfare map you want and paste the following behind it: /T:$yourToken where $yourToken is whatever your token was. In the example case, for the Gallente - Caldari map, this would become: If you changed the map information, you may have something like #kills at the end of the URL. You need to remove this before pasting the /T:$yourToken behind it.