Drone Squad

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Site Details
Drone Squad
Type Combat Anomaly
Rating Class 8
Found in Null
Max ship size Unrestricted
Faction Rogue Drones
Damage to deal Electromagnetic damage EM
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
Sig. Strength N/A

Drone Squad is combat anomaly inhabited by Rogue Drones that can be found in low and null security space.


There are two variations of this combat site. The first variation takes place in the Infested Station Ruin and includes Heavy Missile Batteries in the initial wave. The second variation takes place in the Drone Structure I and includes Sentry Missile Batteries in the initial wave. Suits speed tanked missile ships - Jackdaw, Caracal Navy Issue, and thought likely doable with a Vexor. Make use of range & microwarp to wean out Cruisers then bombard remaining battleships.

On warp in:
Rogue Drones appear to have taken over this station ruin and made it their home. Your Sensors pick up the faint signature of frozen bio matter, the remains of the station's inhabitants no doubt.

Initial defenders

Sentry 2 x Sentry Drone Heavy Missile Battery
Elite Cruiser 2 x Elite Cruiser Strain Annihilator /... Alvior
Battlecruiser 2-5 x Battlecruiser Enforcer/... Alvatis Trigger
Battleship 2-3 x Battleship Alvus Controller/Swarm Preserver

First spawn

Destroyer 3 x Destroyer Shatter/Shredder/Dismantler Alvior
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Strain Annihilator/Strain Devastator Alvum
Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Striker/Crippler Alvatis

Second spawn

Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Disintegrator/... Alvum
Battleship 4 x Battleship Domination/Spearhead Alvus

Third spawn

Battlecruiser 4 x Battlecruiser Siege/... Alvatis
Battleship 3 x Battleship Domination/... Alvus

There may be additional commander spawn.


This site can escalate to Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive.

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