EDENCOM Forward Post

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Site Details
EDENCOM Forward Post
Type Combat Anomaly
Rating None
Found in EDENCOM and Triglavian Minor Victory systems
Max ship size Unrestricted
Best damage to deal Omni
Damage to resist Omni
Sig. strength 100% Anomaly

This combat site, together with the revamped Emerging Conduits, are the primary combat sites found in the Stellar Reconnaissance phase.

These combat sites also spawn in minor victory systems.

Clearing this site helps the Triglavian Collective.

Running the site

Initially the site has no NPCs. Shortly after warp-in a cynosural field will spawn and the rats will appear around it.

Wave 1 (around 3-6 ships)

Elite Frigate 0-2 x Elite Frigate Scout <Faction> Navy/Fleet Frigate Remote Sensor Dampener
Elite Frigate 0-2 x Elite Frigate <Faction> Navy/Fleet Frigate
Cruiser 0-1 x Cruiser Scout <Faction> Navy/Fleet Cruiser
Battleship 0-1 x Battleship Scout <Faction> Navy/Fleet Battleship