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{{lex|NRDS|"Not red, don't shoot" (see [[Rules of Engagement]])}}
{{lex|NRDS|"Not red, don't shoot" (see [[Rules of Engagement]])}}
{{lex|NSC|[[NSC|Null Sec Campus]]}}
{{lex|NSC|[[NSC|Null Sec Campus]]}}
{{lex|Null|Either "Null Security Space" (see [[System security]])}} or a type of blaster ammo named "Null"
== O ==
== O ==

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This page lists abbreviations and terms commonly used in EVE Online, aimed at new players and those unfamiliar with the terminology. Most of the terms listed here are universal across all of EVE players, but some may be relatively specialized to EVE University and may mean something slightly different to other corporations. If any of the terminology is unclear be sure to ask in-game or on the forums for more clarification.

Use the selector below or simply use Ctrl + F to search for a specific word.

Quick sections: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


\o"Wave back"
7o"Salute" (as performed by the Brave Newbies)
0.0Nullsec (see System security)


AAR1. After Action Report 2. Ancillary Armor Repairer
ABAfterburner (see Propulsion equipment)
ACAutocannon (see Turrets)
ACRAncillary Current Router (see Fitting Guidelines)
Active ModuleA module that must be manually activated by the player (see Module)
ADCAssault Damage Control
AFAssault Frigate
AFK"Away from keyboard"
AlfaAlternate spelling of Alpha
AlignAccelerating towards an object in preparation for warp
AlignedThe act of moving towards a warpable object at a minimum speed of 75% ready to warp to said object at a moment's notice (see alignment for more information).
AllianceA group of Corporations
Alpha1. The Alpha Clone state 2. The amount of damage dealt in a single volley from firing all weapons simultaneously. Sometimes sufficient to destroy a target before it can repair the damage.
AltAlternate character
AMCAmarr Mining Campus
AncilAncillary Armor Repairer or Ancillary Shield Repairer (see Tanking)
AnomalyCosmic Anomaly
AnomsCosmic Anomalies
ArtyArtillery (see Turrets)
ASBAncillary Shield Booster (see Tanking)
AUAstronomical Unit, a unit of distance. 1 AU is the distance from the Sun to the Earth: 149,597,871 km.
AwoxTo attack and destroy the ship of a pilot in the same player-run corporation without warning. (Derived from the name of the first widely known EVE pilot to do so)
AWUIcon skillbook2.png Advanced Weapon Upgrades


BaitTo expose a seemingly easy target in order to lure an enemy into committing to an engagement (see Baiting)
BCSBallistic Control System (previously known as Ballistic Control Unit; see Missile damage)
BCUBallistic Control Unit (now called Ballistic Control System; see Missile damage)
BearingSee Carebear
BiomassTo permanently delete a character (see Biomassing)
BlapTo destroy a ship suddenly or quickly
BlobA large fleet (or in some cases, any fleet larger than the speaker's). Generally used as a pejorative term, suggesting that members of that fleet are relying on numbers to win. May also be referred to as a "zerg". May also be used as a verb, for the act of winning a fight through numbers.
BlopsBlack Ops Battleships
BloodlinesA character's familial ancestry. There are three different bloodlines to choose from during character creation for each race.
BlueA pilot, corporation, or alliance with positive standings. (see Rules of Engagement)
Blue LootSleeper loot gotten from Sleeper wrecks and data sites. Can be sold to NPCs for ISK. Is called blue loot because of the blue icons.
BM1. Bookmark 2. Bad Manners (in text conversations)
booshTo use a Micro Jump Field Generator to displace (part of) a fleet. See Command Destroyers.
BoosterA ship used to provide Command Bursts to their fleet
BounceTo warp to a nearby celestial, player, or bookmark and back at a closer range to avoid having to slow-boat to a target or destination.
Bounty1. Player bounties. Which is a bounty placed on one player, from another player. 2. NPC bounties. These are placed by CONCORD and can be gotten by killing the NPC ship.
BPCBlueprint Copy (see Blueprints)
BPOBlueprint Original (see Blueprints)
BR1. Blockade Runner, a class of fast industrial ships designed to carry moderate quantities of carry cargo through dangerous space. 2. Battle Report, a list of ships and pilots involved and destroyed in a specific battle. Usually generated by outside websites such as ZKillboard.
Brick tankA more emphatic term for Buffer tanking
BSA common abbreviation for battleships.
BubbleWarp disruption field, a spherical area of space that prevents ships within it from warping, and forcibly pulls in inbound warping ships. Created by Interdictors, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, or by deployed Mobile Warp Disruptors
BuffTo increase the stats or effectiveness of something. Opposite of Nerf.
BufferA method of tanking relying on having a large amount of hit points.
BumpThe act of (intentionally) colliding with another ship in space, causing both to be pushed away.
BYOCBring Your Own Can, a mining fleet operation where you only receive boosts to mining, and you get to choose what you do with the ore. (see AMC)
BYOMBring Your Own Minerals


CarebearA contextually derogatory or affectionate term for players or pursuits which are not PvP-centric.
CampTo hold location at a specific point waiting for targets, usually at a stargate or station.
Cap1. Capacitor 2. Capital ship
Capchain"Capacitor chain", the practice of multiple Logistics Cruisers or battleships sending each other one or more Remote Capacitor Transmitters, to provide each other with infinite capacitor energy (by the transmitters restoring their target more capacitor than they cost to activate). See Logistics#Remote Capacitor Transfer
Cap StableWhen a ship recharges capacitor faster than its modules consume it, allowing all modules to remain active indefinitely.
CapsuleAn egg-shaped apparatus used by pilots to interface with a ship. Ejected and used as an escape pod in case of ship destruction.
CapsuleerIn-game term for player characters. Humans who pilot ships through the use of a capsule and have been rendered effectively immortal through cloning technology.
CapitalCapital ship
CCCCapacitor Control Circuit (see Rigs)
CDCommand Destroyer
CLORPCloak+Warp. What ships who can warp cloaked should be doing always.
CNRRaven Navy Issue (derived from previous name: Caldari Navy Raven)
CNSScorpion Navy Issue (derived from previous name: Caldari Navy Scorpion)
ConcordedDestroyed by CONCORD
ConcordokkenThe destruction of a ship by CONCORD
Content1. As EVE is an extremely wide-open sandbox with little story or other enforced activities provided by the developers, players must often come up with their own objectives and activities ('Content') to fill their game time with. 2. PVP fights
ConvoIn-game direct conversation, initiated by selecting "Start Conversation" from the right-click menu.
CovOps1. Covert Ops 2. The Covert Ops Cloaking Device
CPRCapacitor Power Relay (see Capacitor recharge rate)
CPUCentral Processing Unit (see Fitting Guidelines)
CrowbarAn ECM ship for prying a more valuable ship out of a sticky situation (see Crowbar and Griffin)
CSAACapital Ship Assembly Array (see Player-owned starbases)
CSMCouncil of Stellar Management
CSPAShort for "CONCORD Spam Prevention Act". A 'CSPA charge' is a small amount of ISK which can be levied on communications such as conversations and mail, acting as a deterrent to spam.
CTAShort for "Call to Arms". An announcement of an alliance- or coalition-wide combat operation.
Curse of BWFA widely held belief that any corporation or alliance which holds the BWF-ZZ system in the Geminate region will shortly failcascade.
Customs OfficeAn orbital structure used to import and export goods to and from planets. (see Planetary Interaction)
CwizzingUsing the Point Defense System of a Citadel. (Derived from the real-life acronym 'CIWS')
CynoCynosural field (see Jump drives)


Damage DealerA ship whose primary role in a fleet is to deal damage.
DampSensor dampening
DC1. Damage Control (previously known as Damage Control Unit; see Tanking) 2. Disconnect
DCU1. Drone Control Unit, a now-defunct module that allowed carriers and supercarriers to control one additional drone. Removed in Citadel patch. 2. Damage Control Unit (now called Damage Control; see Tanking)
DD1. Damage dealer 2. Daredevil
3. Doomsday (Weapon)
DeadspacePockets of space typically accessed via acceleration gate which cannot be entered via normal warp. Commonly used for missions and complexes.
DeathcloningSelf destructing your pod to travel to your home station.
DepotMobile Depot.
DGCDefensive gate camp (See Gate camps.)
DiscoA ship fitting which uses a large number of smartbombs, typically at least one of each damage type. Named for the graphical effects seen when they are fired.
Discovery ScannerSee Sensor Overlay
DoctrineA monolithic fleet concept, usually consisting of one or two ship fittings. Allows the FC to make decisions based on a known performance profile. (See: BLAP program)
DPS1. Damage per second. 2. Damage Dealer (when discussing fleet compositions)
Dread bombThe act of jumping a large number of insured dreadnoughts into a fight in order to quickly destroy a group of enemy capital ships. The dreadnoughts used in a dread bomb often do not survive; and so their job is to do as much damage as possible during their short lifespan.
Drop1. The act of jumping one or more (usually) capital ships on a target, to quickly destroy it. 2. A booster used to improve turret tracking.
Drone boatThis is a term for ships that rely heavily on drones, like the Vexor Navy Issue or Dominix.
DronebunnyA ship in a fleet with a fast lock time, which other ships in the fleet order their drones to Assist, so that all drones in the fleet can rapidly and cohesively switch targets regardless of what their owners are doing.
DScanDirectional Scan, which lets you see ships in space over long range or in specific directions.
DSTDeep Space Transport (see Deep Space Transports).
DTServer downtime.


E-UNIEVE University (corporate ticker)
EANMEnergized Adaptive Nano Membrane (see Tanking)
ECMElectronic Countermeasures
ECCMElectronic Counter-Countermeasures (see Electronic warfare)
EFTEVE Fitting Tool
EHPEffective Hit Points (see Tanking)
ENAMExtremely common mis-acronymization of EANM
EPEscape point (see UniBombers)
ET1. EVE time 2. Energy Transfer (now called Remote Capacitor Transmitter; see Logistics)
ETAEstimated time of arrival
EW / EWARElectronic warfare


FailcascadeFailure Cascade. The escalating collapse of a corporation or alliance in EVE, either through leadership problems or other issues.
FAXForce Auxiliary
FCFleet Commander (see Fleet Command Guide)
FirewallingA defensive strategy of using Smartbombs to destroy incoming missiles
FlagAn engagement status caused by one or more illegal or semi-illegal activities. (see Timers)
FlashyBeing flagged as a legitimate target, or used as noun to describe a pilot that has been flagged, either by having a security status of -5.0 or below ("permaflashy"), from committing Suspect or Criminal actions, being a war target, or being flagged in a Limited Engagement. See also: Legality Timers.
FlipCan Flipping
FlytrapAn armed POS that has no force field to appear offline to unsuspecting prey
FRFlashing Red. Criminal flag
Freeport1. A dockable structure owned by a player corporation that has chosen to allow docking to all players. 2. Freeport Mode, a feature of outposts
Frogs Slightly derogatory term for Gallente Factional Warfare pilots. See also: Squids.
FWFactional Warfare


Gank1. To ambush and destroy an enemy, without giving them the chance to fight back 2. GANKED, A tag on ZKillboard representing a ship which was killed by multiple pilots who were then immediately killed by CONCORD. See Suicide ganking.
Gate1. Stargate 2. Acceleration Gate
GCCShort for "Global Criminal Countdown", an outdated name for the criminal timer.
GF"Good fight". Usually said in local after a battle.
GimpTo make a certain setup or attribute ineffective. Extreme version of Nerf.
GodrollAn extremely lucky Abyssal roll
GridA discrete section of space generated by the presence of objects in space. (see Grid manipulation)
Grid FuSee Grid Manipulation.
GSCGiant Secure Container
GyroGyrostabilizer (see Turret damage)


HACHeavy Assault Cruiser
HAMHeavy Assault Missiles (see Missiles)
HardpointA ship attribute that determines the number of missile launchers or turrets that can be fitted
Hard skillsSkills trained by characters (as opposed to soft skills).
HAWHigh-Angle Weapons, capital ship weapons designed to engage subcapital targets (see Turrets)
Hero TackleA ship or pilot who flies in alone to Tackle an enemy ship, hold them until their allies arrive, and usually die taking their target with them
Hic/HictorHeavy Interdiction Cruiser
HOC"Hold on contact"
HPHit points (see Tanking)
HSHigh Security space
HUDHeads Up Display
HuffingGas cloud harvesting


IHUBInfrastructure Hub (see Sovereignty)
InjectorSkill Injector
Insta-undockA method of safely undocking from a station by immediately warping to a bookmark directly off of the undock point. (see Bookmarks)
InstadockA method of safely docking in a station by warping to a bookmark within the station's docking radius.
In PipeA message to allies that you have initiated warp, or are already traveling in warp
IPHISK per hour (also ISK/hr)
IRL"In real life"
ISKInter Stellar Kredits, the in-game currency of EVE Online. (Also the currency code of the Icelandic króna.)
iStabInertial Stabilizers (see Propulsion equipment)
Ivy LeagueIvy League, the alliance of EVE University


JamThe act of using ECM modules to jam the targeting systems of a ship (see Electronic Countermeasures)
JetcanA temporary container created when jettisoning something from a cargo hold
JCJump clone
JJJ"Jump, Jump, Jump", a common movement order in fleets
JOC"Jump on contact", a common movement order in fleets
JumpThe act of moving between two solar systems
Jump DestroyerCommand Destroyer
J-SpaceCan mean either "Wormhole space", in reference to the J present in all numbered wormhole system names, or "Jove-space", in reference of the area of space where Jovians live


K-SpaceKnown space
Kitchen SinkA fleet without a clear unifying doctrine.
Kite/KitingKeeping your distance from shorter-ranged enemies, allowing you to damage them without letting them damage you.


LARLarge Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
LMLLight Missile Launcher (see Missiles)
LinksCommand Bursts
LogiLogistics ships (see Guide to Logistics)
LootThe contents of a destroyed ship, which are left behind in a container when the ship is destroyed.
LocalThe standard chat channel that shows who are in system while in high-sec, low-sec and null-sec. Does not show players in system while in wormholes.
LocustA group of pilots running missions in one large fleet (see Locust Fleet)
LPLoyalty Points
LSBLarge Shield Booster (see Tanking)
LSCLow Sec Campus
LSELarge Shield Extender (see Tanking)


MAPCMicro Auxiliary Power Core (see Fitting Guidelines)
Macro miningThe illegal use of 3rd party scripts to automate the mining process
MARMedium Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
MEMaterial Efficiency (see Blueprints)
Merc/MercenaryA player or corporation that takes contracts to kill, wardec and perform other hostile actions for ISK.
Meta1. Meta level (see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels) 2. To replace a module with a another module of the same type but with a different meta level (see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
3. Common or popular ships, fittings, and doctrines
4. Examination of a game from an outside perspective
MetagamingTaking actions beyond the confines of the game universe to gain an advantage.
MFSMagnetic Field Stabilizer (see Turret damage)
MinsMinerals (see Mining)
MJDMicro Jump Drive
MJFGMicro Jump Field Generator
MLUMining Laser Upgrade (see Mining)
MSEMedium Shield Extender (see Tanking)
MTUMobile Tractor Unit
MultiboxingPlaying with two (or more) characters simultaneously
MWMegawatt, a unit of measurement used to describe a ship's powergrid output (see Fitting Guidelines)
MWDMicrowarpdrive (see Propulsion equipment)


NanoNanofiber Internal Structure (see Propulsion equipment)
NanogangA small fleet of ships reliant on speed, evasion, and hit-and-run tactics, rather than numbers or raw damage advantage
NBSI"Not blue, shoot it" (see Rules of Engagement)
NerfTo reduce the stats or effectiveness of something. Opposite of Buff. See also: Gimp.
NeutEnergy Neutralizer (see Capacitor warfare)
NewbieA term used to refer to a newer or less experienced players. Usually used in a neutral manner. See also: Newbro, Noob
NewbroA term used to refer to a newer or less experienced players. Usually used in a positive, endearing manner. See also: Newbie, Noob
NoobA term used to refer to a newer or less experienced players. Occasionally used in a derogatory manner. See also: Newbie, Newbro
NOP(Newbies/Newbros/Noobs) on Patrol
NOSNosferatu (see Capacitor warfare)
NPCNon-player character
NPSI"Not purple, shoot it" (see Rules of Engagement)
NRDS"Not red, don't shoot" (see Rules of Engagement)
NSCNull Sec Campus
NullEither "Null Security Space" (see System security)

or a type of blaster ammo named "Null"


OfficerA rare named pirate NPC that drops some of the most expensive modules.
Omega1. The Omega Clone state
Omni TankA tank effective against all 4 damage types (see Tanking)
OMW"On my way"
Ongrid BoosterA deprecated term for a ship using Warfare Links to enhance a fleet, while being with the fleet as opposed to at a safe spot in the system. See Command Bursts for the more modern system.
OOC1. Out of Corporation 2. Out of character
OpSecOperational Security (see Operational Security Policy)
OREOuter Ring Excavations
OutlawA pilot with a security status of -5 or less.


PainterTarget Painter (see Electronic warfare)
Passive ModuleA ship module which does not need to be manually activated. (see Modules)
PDS1. Power Diagnostic System (see Fitting Guidelines 2. Point Defense System (a module fitted to large Upwell structures)
Pew PewCommon term for combat, based on the noises made by the weapons.
PGPower Grid (see Fitting Guidelines)
PIPlanetary Interaction
PicketA ship placed outside of tactical locations such as gates and stations to watch for enemy activity
PipeA sequence of systems with only one way in and out on either end, which must be traversed to move between two areas of space. Can be vulnerable to Pipe Bombing.
PiracyThe act of engaging in PvP for profit
PLPandemic Legion, a well-known nullsec alliance
Plex1. Complex (see Cosmic Anomalies, Cosmic Signatures) 2. Pilot's License Extension (PLEX)
PLEX TankingSarcastic term for transporting PLEX through space, usually with a ship not usually used for hauling
PocketAlternate term for an area of deadspace
POCOPlayer-owned Customs Office
PoddingThe act of destroying a player's pod.
Pod ExpressA quick method of travelling to a player's home station by self-destructing their capsule.
Pod KillingSee Podding
Point1. A Warp Disruptor or Warp Scrambler (see Warp disruption) 2. The act of using targeted warp disruption on a ship (see Tackling)
POSPlayer-owned starbase
POS TrashUnpiloted ships sitting within the force field of a POS
Prop ModPropulsion module (see Propulsion equipment)
PubbieA derogatory term used by some players to refer to others outside their own group
PvEPlayer versus Environment
PvPPlayer versus Player


QQCry / Crying
QRFShort for "Quick Response Fleet", a short-term fleet to respond to imminent threats


RatHostile NPC
RattingThe act of hunting hostile NPCs pirates
Rage RollThe act of repeatedly Rolling a static wormhole as fast as possible, to find Content
RCUReactor Control Unit (see Fitting Guidelines)
Red BoxThe state of being both targeted and subjected to hostile action by a player or NPC
RefineReprocess (see Mining)
ReinforceA temporary invulnerable state entered by some structures after taking a certain amount of damage, allowing the owners time to form a response fleet.
RepRepair (see Tanking, Guide to Logistics)
ReseboRemote Sensor Booster (see Electronic warfare)
RF1. Reinforce 2. "Republic Fleet", usually seen as a faction module prefix.
RLReal Life
RHMLRapid Heavy Missile Launcher (see Missiles)
RLMLRapid Light Missile Launcher (see Missiles)
RMTReal Money Trading
RoERules of Engagement
RoF"Rate of fire" (see Turrets, Missiles)
Roll1. Wormhole rolling, the act of collapsing a wormhole by passing a large amount of mass through it 2. Abyssal roll, an abyssal module or the act of creating one
RolesSpecific access and corporation management rights authorized to individual pilots - in E-UNI this is usually as part of a title or management position (See Managing corporation members)
RRRemote repair (see Guide to Logistics)
RvBRed vs Blue


SafetyShip setting that helps prevent accidental acts of aggression that would cause the pilot to otherwise gain the Criminal or Suspect flags. (see Timers)
SARSmall Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
SB1. Stealth Bomber 2. Smartbomb
3. Sensor Booster
SC1. Squad Commander (see Fleet Command Guide) 2. Shared Can (see Mining fleets)
ScramWarp scrambler (see Warp disruption)
SeboSensor Booster
Sec1. Security status 2. System security
Sensor OverlayThe automatically scanned overlay that activates upon entering a new solar system or undocking. The Sensor Overlay shows the location of landmarks, bookmarks, and Cosmic Signatures / Anomalies in space. See also: Odyssey.
Sisi Singularity
SixIn any lists, the sixth item is commonly omitted in reference to a Monty Python sketch ("Australian University of Woolloomooloo")
SKIN Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, items which apply cosmetic changes (e.g. different colours) to ships.
Slow-boat(also "slowboat") Moving in space at sub-warp velocities
Smack talkTalking trash, taunting, or annoying people in local chat. University members are expected to steer clear. Jokingly referenced in the error message when under a Session Timer from entering or moving within a Fleet.
Soft skillsSkills learned by players through experience or study, as opposed to hard skills.
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
SPSkill Points (see Skills and Learning)
SpaiAnother common way of spelling spy. Spais typically are those who have infiltrated another corporation. Can be thought of as 'Sneaky Player Acquiring Intel (SPAI)'
SpiderSee Locust
SpiralingThe act of manually approaching a target via a continuously diagonal vector. See Manual Piloting.
SPRShield Power Relay (see Tanking)
SplashTo enter a Wormhole (see Wormhole)
Squids Slightly derogatory name for Caldari Factional Warfare pilots. See also: Frogs.
SRPShip Replacement Program
SSESmall Shield Extender (see Tanking)
SSOSingle Sign-On, a centralized log-in tool CCP provides for both in game, out of game and third party applications.
StabWarp Core Stabilizer (see Tackling)
StargateLarge structure in space which most ships must use to travel between solar systems.
StaticA Wormhole type, present in every wormhole system but specific to the system, which will always immediately re-generate every time it closes
StrontStrontium Clathrates
Super/SupercapSupercapital ship, usually a supercarrier (or, rarely, a titan).


TackA hyphen ('-') (used for clarity when speaking)
TCTracking Computer (see Turrets)
TCUTerritorial Control Unit (see Sovereignty)
TDTracking Disruptor (see Electronic warfare)
TE1. Tracking Enhancer (see Turrets) 2. Time Efficiency (see Blueprints)
TFTeraflops, a unit used to measure a ship's CPU (see Fitting)
TFFThanks For Fleet - gratitude to FC
Tick1. Server tick 2. Bounty payouts per 20 minutes
TiDiTime Dilation
TiericideAn ongoing rebalancing of ships in EVE according to roles rather than performance
TLTracking Link (now called Remote Tracking Computer; see Electronic warfare)
TLFTribal Liberation Force, the Minmatar Factional Warfare NPC corporation.
TPTarget Painter (see Electronic warfare)
TravelceptorAny Interceptor specifically fitted to enter warp in <= 2s (Travelceptor vs Instalocker)
TrigTriglavian ship
TSTeamSpeak, a third-party VOIP software utility
T1Tech 1 (stylized 'Tech I'; see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
T2Tech 2 (stylized 'Tech II'; see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
T3Tech 3 (stylized 'Tech III'; see Strategic Cruisers, Tactical Destroyers)


UnistaA member of EVE University
UTCUniversal Time, the server time for EVE


VNIVexor Navy Issue


WardecWar Declaration
Warp bubbleBubble
WCWing Commander (see Fleet Command Guide)
WCSWarp Core Stabilizer (see Fitting Guidelines)
WebStasis Webifier (see Tackling Guide)
WHCWorm Hole Campus
WLWait List, a way for the waitlist manager to handle people waiting to get into Incursions fleets
W-SpaceWormhole Space
WSOPWartime Standard Operating Procedures
WTWar Target (see War Declaration)
wwwA message typed in fleet chat, indicating a pilot ships in the fleet should warp to


X upA method of indicating availability for a given task. If an "x up" for an activity or volunteer role is recommended, pilots interested should simply post "x" in the chat channel indicated, optionally followed by additional info as requested.
XLASB/XLAncilX-Large Ancillary Shield Booster


Yellow BoxBeing targeted by someone, or to target someone, without also being the subject of hostile action.
Yulai ConventionThe Yulai Convention is an RP term for a number of game mechanics and systems within EVE.


Zero ZeroNull security space (see System security)