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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

Using the In-Game Calendar

For the purposes of this page, "event" means any calendar event, including classes, Q&As, fleets, corp events, etc.

Adding and Editing Events

The ability to add and edit events is open to members with Sophomore status or above.

To add corp and alliance events to the calendar, just add them as you would for your personal calendar, but select the "Corp" or "Alliance" radio buttons. Once an event is assigned to Personal, Corp, or Alliance calendars, the group cannot be reassigned and must be recreated if necessary.

Some points of note:

  • The calendar can be edited in-game.
    • After an event starts, it is not possible to make edits.
    • The calendar editing role also allows you to edit and post Corporation and Alliance bulletins. These shouldn't be messed with!
  • Classes and most kinds of events should be scheduled as Alliance. This allows all members of IVY, including HALL, to see events in-game.
    • Marking an event as "Important" will flag it as classified in the calendar feed. This should be used for any event that is not open to people outside IVY.
  • Ensure you include the URL to any relevant forum posts.
    • You can't create clickable links in the calendar UI directly, but you can paste HTML code or drag and drop links from almost everywhere else. (eg. Notepad or EVE Mail) One of the easiest ways to make a URL link is to type it into one of the channels then when you’ve posted it to the channel it automatically links then you are able to drag it to your calendar post and it retains its link, I’ve created a channel called mylinker that I use so I’m not cluttering other channels when I’m making links feel free to use it.
    • Clickable hyperlinks do take up more character space, so make sure you have an adequate description prior to including a clickable link.
  • Ensure your title is descriptive but not overly long.
    • Use the correct title Prefix for your event. For fleets use: [STRATOP], [PVP], [FW], [PVE], [INC]. For classes use: [CLASS], [CORE], [Q&A]. For anything else use [EVENT].
  • Include a description in your calendar event.
    • A brief description of the event should give potential attendees a reason to want to attend your event.
    • Specify the formup location for fleets, unless it is an incursion fleets.
    • If its a class that is going to include a practical, especially a practical on Singularity ensure you note that.
    • Get creative!
  • Don't spam the calendar.
    • If the same event occurs more than once in a day, create one event per timeslot.
    • If an event lasts multiple days, try creating No Duration milestones at 00:00 as appropriate.
    • The Google Calendar interprets a 0 hour No Duration timeslot as a 2 hour event.
    • Please be very sparing about making durations longer than 12 hours.

Removing Events

  • If an event is cancelled, communicate this to members by changing the title's prefix to: [CANCELLED]
    • Do not just delete events!

Responding to Events

The invitation function of the in-game calendar is not reliably used by event creators, therefore no response is required. It may certainly be voluntarily done for your own reminders, as it changes the icon in your personal calendar display.

Using the E-UNI Web Calendar

Using a few scripts on the EVE University server, E-UNI has the corporation calendar feed published as an iCalendar feed, which is usable on a number of other applications and systems. Members may then add the feeds to their normal calendar software, phones and PDAs to help them track what events and classes are running.

Note that 'Classified' events do not reveal any details about themselves, only a date/time existence. In these cases, members should check the in-game calendar and the forums for full information on the event.

Adding to Google Calendar

If you do not have a Google account, you can create one at https://mail.google.com

  • To add from within Google Calendar via web browser:
  1. Within your Gmail Calendar, Click on the + sign next to Other Calendars and choose From URL
  2. In the box, enter https://portal.eveuniversity.org/api/getcalendar
  3. Click Add Calendar
  4. Note: this will only add events from the point of adding the calendar to your Google calendar.

You can add an individual event to your personal Google calendar by clicking on the event and then clicking "Copy to My Calendar" (this is under the "More Actions" dropdown if you're accessing the calendar from within Google Calendar as opposed to eveuniversity.org). This is handy if you want the events that interest you to appear on your personal calendar. Please note that this is copy of the event and any future changes to the original event will not be reflected in your copy.

(Optional) To show EVE Time beside your local time and enable adding events to your calendar in GMT:

  1. Go into "Settings" in the upper right of the calendar page (a cog symbol).
  2. Under the "General" tab in the "Your current time zone" section, select the "Display secondary time zone" checkbox and then click on dropdown "Secondary time zone" box.
  3. Scroll through the list to find "(GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time", settings are saved automatically.

Adding to iCloud Calendar

  • On Mac OS:
  1. In "Calendar", choose "File" > "New Calendar Subscription".
  2. Enter https://portal.eveuniversity.org/api/getcalendar, then click "Subscribe".
  3. Enter a name for the calendar and choose a colour to help you identify it on your calendar.
  4. Choose iCloud from the Location menu, then click OK.
  • To then add to your iPhone and/or iPad:
  1. Open Calendar.
  2. Click the Calendars button in the upper-left hand corner of the window to see your list of calendars.
  3. Select the subscribed calendar from the list.
  4. In the menu bar, choose Edit > Get Info.
  5. Choose iCloud from the Location menu, then click OK.

Adding to iPhone / IOS Device

  1. "Settings" > "Passwords & Accounts" > "Add Account" > "Other" > "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  2. For Server type https://portal.eveuniversity.org/api/getcalendar
  3. Leave SSL enabled. Leave username/password blank!

Adding to Outlook

  • Within Outlook:
  1. Go to Calendar
  2. Click "Add Calendar" on the top ribbon.
  3. Select "From Internet..."
  4. Paste https://portal.eveuniversity.org/api/getcalendar in the field that appears
  5. You can rename the calendar from the calendars list on the left hand pane.

Troubleshooting an Android device

This section assumes you have already followed the steps outlined above in the section: Adding to Google Calendar. If you have your Google calendar on your mobile device and the EVE University events synchronize, you're already done.

If the Gmail account you to which you added the EVE University Calendar is already set up on your phone, sometimes the added calendar will not show up. One fix for this is to clear all calendar data from your phone.

WARNING: If you store Calendar/Task items on your phone (that is, not a Gmail calendar or other synchronized account) this could wipe them out!

Be sure to back them out or move them to another calendar before proceeding.

The exact steps can vary based on Android version and manufacturer. These were written up for a Samsung device running Android 6.0.1 and successfully tested.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > More > Show system Apps > Calendar storage (a separate item from "Calendar") > Storage
  2. Tap "Clear Data" - wipes out the local cache
  3. Tap the back arrow then "Force Stop". - forces the calendar to restart and download the calendars again from the internet