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[[Category:EVE University]]
#REDIRECT [[Welcome to EVE University]]
[[Category:Getting Started]]
The following post is aimed at providing a new member with resources and information to make the most of their time here (and for existing members who have forgotten!).  The [[Main_Page|Main Uni wiki page]] contains many of the most common links to wiki pages and information for EVE University.
== Introduction to EVE University ==
*'''EVE University - Past, Present, and Future'''. [[Morning Maniac]] (founder and former CEO of E-UNI) talks about the history, purpose, and philosophy of EVE University. Recorded 14 March 2007. [http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/w/images/a/aa/E-UNI_Eve_University_-_Past%2C_Present%2C_and_Future.mp3 Audio File] (right click, save as)
*'''Introduction to EVE University Audio classes'''. You can listen to recorded classes and you can find them in the section [[EVE_University_Class_Library#About_EVE_University|About EVE University]]. Please note the most recent recorded class may be dated so it's highly recommended you attend a current live class on this subject at your earliest convenience.
*[[Welcome to EVE University]] wiki page.  This page contains pointers for getting oriented quickly within the Uni.
== EVE University Rules ==
Please make sure you are familiar with the [[EVE University Rules|corporation rules]].
These rules also apply to other characters you may have in the [[Ivy League]].
== Student Relations ==
To resolve personal problems please contact the [[Student Advocate]]. We all do our best to get along but some personalities and cultures will clash with others. To assist you to mediate any problems that you have with another member, staff or management, or even director, please contact the Student Advocate for assistance.
== Links and Communication Information ==
=== The EVE University Forum ===
[http://forum.eveuniversity.org/index.php The EVE University Forum] is used to communicate with fellow Unistas and alumni outside of game. This forum contain materials not listed in the wiki such as after battle reports, events, outside corp recruiting, and other insightful threads. The forum is a great way to get involved in the Uni.
=== The killboard ===
You can keep track of Unista PvP activity on the [http://killboard.eveuniversity.org/ EVE University's Killboard] and comment on kills and losses. You should comment on your own losses and kills as this is beneficial for you in achieving certain progression [[Titles]]. If a kill or loss is contentious you should comment to help prevent any misunderstandings and to aid in clearing up any diplomatic incidences. Comments in general should be made to be helpful and educational. For more info on how to post a killmail comment, [[Killboard|click here]].
=== The Mumble Server ===
Mumble is essential to Uni fleet operations - you will be expected to have it. You would have set this up as part of applying to and getting involved with EVE University. You can refer to it here at the [[Mumble|Mumble Guide]].  Mumble is a great way to get involved with other active members.
=== Alliance mail and Corp mail ===
Please do not spam Alliance and Corp mail. If you are replying to something - please make sure you reply directly to the poster by using the "Reply" button, not the "Reply All" to the right (double arrow), which "spams" it to the entire alliance/corporation. Please Do not use the "Reply All" button on corp or alliance mail, as you will be replying to the corp or the alliance.  It may be appropriate at times that "Reply All" will get used, but these will be rare.  The place for dialogue is via private mail or on the forums.
Alliance and Corp mail may also have temporary amendments to Ivy League policies, these amendments are in force only for as long as the post is up on the in game mailing lists, Alliance overrides Corp and corp overrides General Policy, but only when issued by a Director.
Remember, unless a message is intended for the entire corp - keep any correspondence in personal mail to whomever it concerns.
=== EVE Online Forums ===
Please do not post in the "Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussions" or "Corporations and Alliances Summit" forums
=== Chat Channels and Mailing Lists ===
See: [[Chat Channels and Mailing Lists]]
As a part of coming into EVE University you were introduced to Chat.E-UNI, which is our main internal social chat that has many former members and alts.  Questions and answers are often made in that channel.  You were also brought into Q&A.E-UNI, which is meant as a chat-free question and answer channel, which is a great alternative if you find your questions being rolled over by other chat.  There are many helpful member, alts, and alumni who will answer you there.
== The Management ==
Please see: [[EVE University Management]]
== Learning and Teaching ==
EVE University offers a selection of classes, a great resource of guides and also chat and Mumble channels full of helpful people.
===The EVE Online Lexicon===
The EVE Online [[Lexicon]] contains the meanings of many EVE Online's abbreviations/words.  Some of these may be used less outside of the EVE University community.
=== The Calendar ===
There is an in-game calendar that you can access.  Just click on the clock in game, located at the bottom left of your screen.  Please note that all times in-game are EVE Online time (UTC). This calendar also shows in [https://gate.eveonline.com/ EVE Gate] which you have to log into to see. <br>
To find out what classes are coming up when out-of-game, check the calendar: http://calendar.eveuniversity.org/ (you can import this calendar into google calendar and convert the times to your own timezone if you wish)  <br>
*If you want to know how to make a calendar post for an event or a class, check here: [[Using the EVE University Calendar]]. <br>
*Forum postings.  In addition to the calendar, Teachers and Guest Lecturers will make a post in the [http://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewforum.php?f=72 Sheduled Classes] forum thread.
=== The "How To" section ===
Guides have been migrating to the wiki and can be found in the [[:Category:Guides|Guides]] section.
For discussions and to ask questions please visit the [http://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewforum.php?f=124  Questions & Answers] section of the forum which is arranged by topic.<br>
===Your Overview===
As a part of applying to and getting involved with EVE University you will have set up your [[Overview Guide|Overview]] to E-UNI standards.  You should take the time to review the [[Overview Guide]] wiki page and learn how to ensure your Overview is current and how it works.  If you wish further in-depth knowledge we recommend you attend or listen to an Overview class.
=== Class Library ===
[[EVE University Class Library]]
=== Class Requests ===
If there is a class you'd like to see then make a post in the [http://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtopic.php?p=28853 E-UNI: Class Request Thread].
=== Mentoring and Teaching ===
If you are interested in working with a mentor or being one, information can be found in the [[Mentor Program]] wiki page. <br>
If you are interested in teaching please review the page [[Joining The Faculty]].
All the instructors are happy to spend time chatting over various topics so if you have a question you want answering or there isn't a class or guide covering what you want then please talk to someone.
== Titles ==
Titles are sets of corporation roles such as hangar access, and have specific designations within EVE University. While there are other titles, the main ones used are 'Freshman', 'Sophomore' and 'Graduate'. Current titles can be viewed by performing a "Show info" on yourself in-game.
Read the [[Titles Within EVE University]] page for information on titles and how to request them.
== Campuses ==
EVE University operates in a number of locations all over the New Eden cluster, with outposts in high, low and null security, as well as the mystical wormhole campus. Look at the list of [[Campuses]] to find out where you can join in with corp activities.
== Fleet-Up ==
[http://fleet-up.com Fleet-Up] is a third party service used to manage and share ship doctrines. You can find many of our commonly-flown ship fits on the service, which is usable in bothout-of-game and in-game (with actual fit links) browsers. The link to Fleet-Up itself is above; you can find more information on how to join the E-UNI group [[Fleet-Up|here]].
== Coming and Going ==
Although the Uni does not require you to do anything in terms of activities or classes in the game,  to remain a member we do have an [[Inactive Member Policy]].
Should you decide it's time to move on, or you need to drop corp for other reasons please read the [[Leaving EVE University]] wiki page.
Should you decide you'd like to return to the Uni, please read the [[Returning to EVE University]] wiki page.
== EVE University Services ==
=== Corporation Hangar Access ===
Read the [[Corporation Hangar]] wiki page for details on how to use the corporate hangar and the rules concerning its use.
=== EVE Uni's Aldrat POS ===
{{important note box|As of August 1, 2015 the Uni has relocated it's HQ to Slays in Placid.  Information regarding the Uni POS will be updated as soon as possible.}}
EVE University currently maintains a Hi Sec POS ([[Player Owned Starbase]]) in Aldrat called [[Harmonia]]. Besides acting as a home system rally point this POS has a Reprocessing Array and a Compression Array available for students to use. Please consult the wiki page on [[Harmonia]] on how to use these properly.
=== Ship Request & Replacement Program ===
EVE University members can request and receive ships for official Uni operations and Wartime through this program, as well as replace losses.
See the [[Ship Replacement Program]] page for details.
Requests take on an average of 3 days after submission before it gets approved.
=== The Skillbook Program ===
The Uni provides skillbooks with an NPC sell value of one million ISK or less for free for those members that need them, as well as reimbursements for the same.
Please see [[The Skillbook Program]] for detailed information and conditions of this program.
=== Refining and Manufacturing ===
There are a lot of people with [[Perfect Refine List|perfect refine]] and good manufacturing skills in the Uni who will be happy to refine for you or manufacture items if you wish. Just ask in corp chat.  With changes that rolled out in the [http://community.eveonline.com/releases/crius Cruis update] many things changed for refining and reprocessing so please note those that did have perfect refine skills may no longer have them.
==== 'Bring Your Own Minerals' Ship Production Program ====
So you have been hoarding up those minerals and need/want a new ship. See the [[BYOM Minerals|BYOM Ship Production]] page for details.
==== 'Purchase Your Own Ship' Ship Production Program ====
Want to build or buy ships from your fellow Unistas? See the [[PYOS Ship Production|PYOS Program]] page for details.
===+3 Implants for 5mil ISK Each Program===
For more info [http://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=46884 Click Here].

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