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Community goals

The goal of the EVE University Incursion Community is to safely introduce new players to Incursions and help guide them into becoming effective and productive members of the community, or any of the other communities in New Eden should they decide to move on.

We strive to teach in the moment while running, a sort of "learning by doing" approach, to create a fun and profitable learning experience for our members. While running you'll learn some basic understanding of fleet operations, fleet compositions and tactics, logistics, electronic warfare, damage application, scouting and picketing to mention a few. You'll also learn the invaluable lesson of how much more efficient a fleet can be when working towards a common goal and how much more fun this game is when playing with others.

Indirectly our goal is also to help players get the needed ingame experience or ISK to try other activities in EVE.

Joining the Incursion Community

Joining our community is as simple as joining the ingame incursions.e-uni chat channel or Mumble and start talking to us. Other than that there are no title requirements nor any limitations in terms of when and where you choose to join us. You simply show up when you feel like it and stay for however long you want. Some fly with us regularly, others from time to time.


We use the following EVE University services for communication:

  • The Mumble channel Incursions.E-UNI under Special Projects & Events (need to be registered on the forum).
  • Ingame chat channel Incursions (EVE Uni) (need to be a current or ex-unista to access the channel password thread).
  • Ingame mailing list Incursions.E-UNI (current unistas can join freely, ex-unistas needs to ask the community leaders for permission).
  • Incursion community Slack (see this post for instructions on how to set it up).
  • The Incursions section on the forum.
  • We also have skill certificates and an incursion doctrine with fits on Fleet-Up.

Open community

While we are here primarily for unistas our community is open to unistas, alumni and ex-unista alike, including their alts as long as they aren't at war and recognize that teaching comes first and that certain restrictions might be put in place, ensuring we conform with the EVE University Rules. So regardless if we fly as unistas, alumni or as alts, we all adhere both to the EVE University Rules as well as the Communications Policy.

Relationship with public communities

While we have no official relationship with any of the public communities, EVE University's neutrality and long-term goals of teaching the next generation of EVE-players means that we avoid putting ourselves in situations where future relations might be compromised. As such, we do not run with public communities while at war to avoid causing trouble that may lead to diplomatic incidents or worse, barring future unistas from joining the community in question.

This does not stop individual members of these communities flying with us, as this is something that is often mutually beneficial. We've also had guest fleet commanders joining us for the more difficult headquarters or mothership sites.


Some of the roles in incursions can be done with next to no training, like the hacker/scout and picket role. Others like damage dealers and logistics require at least a couple of months worth of training. The following pages will help prepare you for incursions.

Nomadic lifestyle

Incursions are nomadic in nature with a single focus lasting from anywhere between a day up to a week, but usually only for a few days, forcing the community to constantly move in order to continue taking part of the content. We use the mailing list to let people know where we are. See longevity for more information on how long an incursion usually lasts and selecting a focus for a guide on how to decide on where to move and how to inform everyone, as that is a communal effort.

Since EVE University is often at war, this means that unistas need to take care while moving between incursions and we run with pickets to ensure that war targets can't sneak up on us. See wartime logistics for more information on how to safely move your ship between focuses (then move your main unista safely in dedicated ships for moving around like shuttles and travel-atrons which are often available in campuses) and if you temporarily need help moving your ship while training the valet alt, let us know ingame or on slack.

Being in high security space, people with ColorTag-SkullYellow9.gif low security status will need to be aware of the effects of low security status, such as travel restrictions.

Forming fleets

Most fleets form on the fly using the ingame chat channel and by pinging Slack. When we have enough people to start running we'll continuously keep people up to date on the status of the fleet in the chat channel. Planned fleets are announced through the mailing list as well as Slack.

The more people who schedule or form fleets, the more interest and activity we get, so see the forming a fleet guide for more information on how you can do this and aid us in our communal effort to create more content.

Community leaders

Since the community is nomadic and doesn't have a lot of services or anything else requiring actual managers, we have an Incursion Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator to help ensure that we stay true to the spirit of EVE University and our mission statement. So if you have any questions or looking to give feedback or suggestions that you think could be helpful for our community, don't hesitate to contact us. We are also the people you turn to if you have any concerns about the community or have an issue with any of its members.

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Ian Tucenghi
Drebin 679
(Assistant Coordinator)

The assistant answer to the coordinator, who in turn answers to the Director of Special Projects (also referred to as Campus Coordinators). General complaints about the behaviour of EVE University members can also go through the Student Advocate.

Incursion Officers

  • Ardes Atavuli
  • John Parmelee
  • Yuzu Prime