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Congratulations, you have submitted an application to EVE University and have been asked to join the queue for an interview. This page explains the queue and answers some of the questions you may have.

Joining the Interview Queue

If you are applying to EVE University for the first time or are applying to return to EVE University more than 30 days after you left the corp, you will need to wait until you receive a mail from one of our Personnel Officers before joining the queue for an interview. If you are a returning member returning within 30 days, you may join the Interview Queue immediately. Please see Returning to EVE University for full details on how to apply to return to EVE University.

To join the Interview Queue you will need to use the in-game browser. To access this, click E at the top of your Neocom in the top left of your game screen, and go to to 'Accessories' and 'Browser'.

Open up the Queue page in your in-game browser and join the queue. You no longer have to select which queue to join.

Once you have joined the queue you will see a screen indicating that you are currently in the queue for an interview. You should keep this browser window open if you are available for interview. If you leave the game or step away from your keyboard close the browser window to indicate you are not currently available for an interview.

A banner along the top of the screen will indicate whether Personnel Officers have been active in the past thirty minutes. While this is not a guarantee of an interview, you probably stand a better chance of getting an interview when Personnel Officers are already active.

While you are in the interview queue, open up the E-Uni chat channel in game, which is our public channel. To join this channel, go to a chat channel in game and select the 'Open channel window' in the top left hand corner (the button looks like a speech bubble).


In the new window, type 'E-Uni' and click 'Join'.


Once you are in the Interview Queue please keep an eye on the E-Uni chat channel. Our Personnel Officers work through the queue to call people for interview in the order they applied. Please bear in mind it can sometimes take a few days to receive your interview, as we have a lot of applications, so please be patient while you are waiting.

When you need to leave the game, or you are stepping away from your keyboard, just close the browser with the queue in it. This will remove you from the Interview Queue so you are not called while you are not available. You will not lose your place in the queue.

When you are next in line for an interview one of our Personnel Officers will call you for an interview in this chat channel using some kind of ASCII, like in the images below:


Once you have been called for an interview, right click the Personnel Officer's name, and select “Start conversation”. Once you are in a conversation with the Personnel Officer you may close the queue window of your browser, as this is no longer required. You may, however, stay in the E-Uni channel if you like, although this is not mandatory.

How does the queue work?

From the Personnel Officer's side, there are several queues, which each have a different priority. When you apply to EVE University you are issued with a timestamp, which remains the same until you join EVE University. Applicants are displayed in the order which they applied to EVE University, and in the appropriate queue.

The fast track queue has the highest priority, and people in that queue will ordinarily be interviewed first. The New Member and Senior Personnel Officer queues have the same priority. We do not disclose the reasons for sending people to one queue over another, but please do not be concerned by the queue you have been asked to join.

If you have to leave the queue, close the browser window with the queue in and you will be removed from the list. Your timestamp is saved, so you will be in the same place when you rejoin the queue.

Queue position

When you have joined the queue for an interview you will see a screen which tells you your position in the interview queue. This is your position relative to everyone else who is currently logged in and waiting for an interview. If a person with an earlier timestamp logs in they will automatically be place above you in the queue (since they have been waiting longer than you) so your queue position number will increase. At busy times you will notice your relative queue position goes up and down often as other players log in and receive interviews. This is the queue working as intended and is not a problem. Be assured that we will get to you eventually.

Note that while Personnel Officers normally interview people in order of timestamp there will be occasions when they interview people out of order (for example, if number one in the queue is not responding to an interview call). Therefore do not assume that you can avoid paying attention in the channel until you are number one, as this may lead to to you missing your interview call.

The Interview

During the interview, the Personnel Officer will ask any questions necessary to make a decision on your application. If you have any other accounts, the Personnel Officer will require the API details, so ensure you have it to hand to speed up the process.

If you don't understand any of the questions, or the Personnel Officer is moving too quickly, please ask them to slow down or explain the question again.

If you are accepted into EVE University, the Personnel Officer will bring you into the corporation during the interview, and will help you set up all of your access to the forum and chat channels so you can make the best of being a member. If you need some more time before joining EVE University to get everything in order please tell the Personnel Officer this.

If your application to EVE University is rejected, the Personnel Officer will send you a mail with some alternative options and instructions on how to appeal if you wish to do so. We do not disclose the reason for the decision to reject an applicant.

In rare cases, the Personnel Officer will need some more time to make a decision. In those cases they will explain the reason for this, and they will contact you directly after a decision has been made.

What should I do if I miss my interview call?

Our Personnel Officers will call you for interview in the E-Uni channel three times. If you don't respond, you will be moved out of the queue for a certain period of time. If this happens, your queue page will indicate what time you were called and how long you have left before you can rejoin the queue. When the time limit expires, you will automatically be placed back in the queue if you have your browser window open, you do not have to do anything further.

Please note that if this happens several times, your application may be rejected.