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This article is about the CEO, Directors, and Managers of EVE University. For the general functionality of CEOs and Directors in player corporations, see Corporation (Corp Mechanics).

The management of EVE University is a dictatorship, with others appointed as a meritocracy, using demonstrated ability to select staff.

The University has six distinct divisions, all under overall control of the CEO Azmodeus Valar. These are Education, Human Resources, Logistics, Public Relations, Special Projects, and Student Advocacy.

Chief Executive Officer

EVE University Management/Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director

EVE University Management/Managing Director

Director of Education

EVE University Management/Director of Education

Teaching Director

EVE University Management/Teaching Director

Mentor Manager

EVE University Management/Mentor Manager

Events Manager

EVE University Management/Events Manager

Director of Human Resources

EVE University Management/Director of Human Resources

Personnel Director

EVE University Management/Personnel Director

Title Manager

EVE University Management/Title Manager

Director of Logistics

EVE University Management/Director of Logistics

POS Operations Manager

EVE University Management/POS Operations Manager

Reimbursement Manager

EVE University Management/Reimbursement Manager

Hangar Manager

EVE University Management/Hangar Manager

Market Manager

EVE University Management/Market Manager

Industrial Services Manager

EVE University Management/Industrial Services Manager

Director of Public Relations

EVE University Management/Director of Public Relations

Manager of Diplomacy

EVE University Management/Manager of Diplomacy

Web Development Manager

EVE University Management/Web Development Manager

Wiki Manager

EVE University Management/Wiki Manager

Media Manager

EVE University Management/Media Manager

Director of Special Projects

EVE University Management/Director of Special Projects

ILN Manager / Admiral

EVE University Management/ILN Manager

HSC Manager

EVE University Management/HSC Manager

LSC Manager

EVE University Management/LSC Manager

NSC Manager

EVE University Management/NSC Manager

WHC Manager

EVE University Management/WHC Manager

Incursion Coordinator

EVE University Management/Incursion Coordinator

Student Advocate

EVE University Management/Student Advocate

EVE University Founder

Morning Maniac.jpeg
Morning Maniac

I founded EVE University to create a place where new players could get together and be appreciated for who they were. Classes and doing things together were important but nothing was, and is, more important than the positive attitude towards new players.

In the first three years I clocked about 4000 hours logged-in in the service of the University. After some real life changes my available free time was greatly reduced but I could rely on a great team of directors and managers to run the Uni. In the last three years I was mainly concerned with extinguishing fires and the occasional directorship drama, but fortunately for me and everyone involved these issues have become less frequent and intense. The current leadership is stable and doing well, and they seem to share my vision of what the University should be and they work hard to shape it as such, with all the limitations of the game and the people in it.

More changes in my real life have resulted in even less EVE time and as a result I feel now removed from the game. Because of that I have decided that it is in the best interest of EVE University that I resign from my CEO position. I have asked Kelduum to succeed me and he has accepted the job.

What does this mean for the University and its members? Well, nothing. It means that now the formal power will be with the person who has already been in charge for a long time. I trust that Kelduum and the rest of the leadership will continue to run and build the University as they have done in the past. If they should decide to take another route then that's fine too.

As for me? I hope to stay a member of the University. If and when I have time I would like to log in and just join the chat with the new guys. The enthusiasm of new players is what I always enjoy most about EVE. Besides, there is always a lot to learn in EVE.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for putting your trust in me. When I founded the Uni I had no idea where it would go. Where we are today is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have learned so much, I have met amazing people and had a great time. All thanks to you, members past and present of EVE University.

Directors Emeriti

The following were once directors E-UNI who have stepped down from their positions and while they no longer hold any official authority, their considerable knowledge and history is still called upon from time to time, and their input is welcome in E-UNI management discussions.