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This article is about the CEO, Directors, and Managers of EVE University. For the general functionality of CEOs and Directors in player corporations, see Corporation (Corp Mechanics).

The management of EVE University is appointed as a meritocracy, using demonstrated ability to select staff.

The University has six distinct divisions, all under overall control of the CEO Azmodeus Valar. These are Education, Human Resources, Logistics, Public Relations, Special Projects, and Student Advocacy.

Chief Executive Officer

Azmodeus Valar

About the role: The CEO oversees the general day-to-day running of the University, setting the general direction and making decisions which affect the whole group. This post has various departments reporting to it including Human Resources, Education, Logistics and Public Relations, as well as Special Projects.

About the person: Azmodeus Valar has been a pilot since April of 2007, joining the University the following fall. He was appointed Hangar Manager the following summer, and promoted to Dir Logistics the Fall of 2008. He is trained as a PVP pilot, but somehow got the job of building things. It is believed he has alternate personalities in various other aspects of the game.

Managing Director


About the role: The Managing Director is a role outside of the current department hierarchy and oversee the following areas, he will Host Q&As and Management meetings when CEO is not present, Monitor Management/access lists to insure it is up to date (forums and ingame), Alert CEO to issues that need to be addressed and oversee the Student Advocate. As well as additional tasks delegated by the CEO

About the person: I've played eve on and off (and off and on) for quite some time, I remember the dark early days of eve with no skill queue and no "warp to 0 on gates", I enjoy putting some knowledge back into the game and the Uni.

Director of Education


About the role: The Director of Education oversees the core business of EVE University, training new players. He decides on the overall strategies to maximise the educational side of EVE University. He manages the training department (classes), events department and mentoring department and ensures operations in these departments are running smoothly..

About the person: A complete mystery, no one truly knows what lies deep in the heart of the enigmatic Kivena.

Reports to: CEO

Teaching Manager

Titus Tallang

About the role: The Teaching Manager oversees recruiting and development of UNI teachers, organizing guest lectures, scheduling classes, and developing recorded training classes, the Syllabus Library and related player guides on the EVE University wiki.

About the person:
Valerius Marcus> The only thing known is that he delegates. A lot.
Aeth E'us> Titus can be grumpy when he thinks you're being an idiot.

Assistant Teaching Manager: Spanky Ikkala

Reports to: Director of Education

Mentor Manager


About the role: On request, EVE University provides members with individualized coaching and mentoring from experienced UNI Graduates. The Mentor Manager is responsible for ensuring that this Mentor Program runs smoothly and efficiently.

About the person: Data missing.

Assistant Mentor Manager: Beren Mahanaxar

Reports to: Director of Education

Events Manager

Post Vacant

About the role: The Events Manager oversees the Events Department, including the scheduling of special events, recruiting Events Coordinators, and supporting students in developing and running their own events.

About the person:

Assistants: Hezekiah Winter, Sketchy McGillis

Reports to: Director of Education

Director of Human Resources

Kaein Soturus.jpeg
Kaein Soturus

About the role: The Director of Human Resources (HR) oversees the enrollment of University students both new and old with the Personnel Department falling under his/her remit. The role also includes reviewing student status and promotions via the Titles Department as well as offering guidance and training (or help training) new volunteers in assisting with these departments.

About the person: Soon™

Reports to: CEO

Personnel Manager

Laura karpinski.jpg
Laura Karpinski

About the role: The Personnel Manager oversees the group of 25+ volunteers that make up the Personnel Department, the job of whom it is to filter EVE University applicants, ensuring that only those who fit with EVE University's mission and moral code are permitted entry. Tasks involve creating and updating recruitment policies and managing staff.

About the person: Laura first joined EVE University in March 2012. Laura served as a Personnel Officer for two years prior to becoming Personnel Manager, and spent eighteen months of that as an Assistant Personnel Manager. Over that time she has seen thousands of people pass through the gates of EVE University, and she hopes to see thousands more.

Assistants: Jefferson Spence and Kazon Necht

Reports to: Director of HR

Title Manager

Sebastian Teg.jpg
Sebastian Teg

About the role: The Title Manager is responsible for processing title applications with the aid of the staff within the Titles Department, conducting relevant security and background checks before clearing a title application that they or other directors can then action.

About the person: Data Missing

Reports to: Director of HR

Director of Logistics

Turhan Bey.jpg
Turhan Bey

About the role: The Logistics Division is made of 6 main sections (POS Operations, Research, Production, Hangar Management, Reimbursement, and Market). Each section has a distinct focus, and all of them work in harmony on multiple projects. The Logistics Director is responsible for coordinating the actions of all 6 sections, and ensuring that each is fulfilling its responsibilities. He/She sets policy for the Department, appoints section managers, acts as a liaison to other departments, and serves as a Director for the university as a whole. The Freighter Production project, Ship replacement project, Refining program, copying program, and BYOM program are directly under the supervision of the Logistics Director instead of assigned to a distinct department.

About the person: Data eaten by small rat named Steve.

Reports to: CEO

POS Operations Manager

Ellin Einher

About the role: Maintains the POS, used for research by the members.

About the person: You don't want to know.

Reports to: Director of Logistics

Reimbursement Manager

David Matsuda

About the role: Oversees the Ship Replacement Program and +3 Implants Program.

About the person: Likes to reimburse things. Which is fortuitous, since that's what this job entails.

Assistants: Robert Pahtrell

Reports to: Director of Logistics

Hangar Manager


About the role: In charge of maintaining stocks in corporate hangars.

About the person: Information not yet available.

Reports to: Director of Logistics

Market Manager


About the role: Responsible for maintaining the PYOS program.

About the person: Cervator joined New Eden around August 2009 and EVE University shortly after that. He enjoys a strange satisfaction from organizing things, so he turned out to be a perfect fit for the Logistics Department. Cervator established the PYOS program with direction from Azmodeus Valar, which provides T1 ships at cost to students for ISK (similar to how BYOM does it for minerals).

Reports to: Director of Logistics

Director of Public Relations

Irdalth Delrar.jpg
Irdalth Delrar

About the role: The Director of Public Relations is responsible for dealing with they day to day management all the Uni's public resources as well as dealing with third party contacts and news.

About the person: Irdalth Delrar started as the alt of Keleth Delrar, part of the Uni since 2006. As many of the other directors, Keleth started as an RO, when he left to 0.0, and Irdalth took his place, moving from RO to mining manager to teacher, when finally, 3 years later, his Jedi mind-tricks convinced Lord Kelduum to take him as an apprentice.

Reports to: CEO

Manager of Diplomacy

Treatle Omaristos.jpg
Treatle Omaristos

About the role: The Manager of Diplomacy coordinates Ivy League's diplomats and acts as a point of contact for organizations outside of Ivy League who have questions about standings.

About the person:

Reports to: Director of Public Relations

Staff List Can be found at: Diplomacy Department

Web Development Manager

Bates Larsson

About the role: The Web Development Manager is responsible for the development of any out of game software that is used by the Uni in order to facilitate operations.

About the person: Bates Larsson is a former Assistant Personnel Manager that used to be responsible the recruitment of new Personnel Officers. Since discovering his ability to write excellent code, Bates was promoted to the position of Web Development Manager where he is working hard to improve the University's existing software, developing great bits of software to make the University's operations smoother and easier. When not coding, Bates can be seen stealing cookies from Laura Karpinski.

Reports to: Director of Public Relations

Wiki Manager

Post Vacant

About the role: The Wiki Manager's role is to patrol all wiki changes and identify and deal with any inappropriate edits to UniWiki as needed.

About the person: This position is currently vacant.

Reports to: Director of Public Relations

Media Manager

Post Vacant

About the role: The Media Manager is responsible for the upkeep of the various forms of Media that the University has. This includes oversight of the existing video for classes, the lectures and any Media that is used in the operation of the University.

About the person: This position is currently vacant.

Reports to: Director of Public Relations

Campus Coordinator

Rose Chanlin.jpg
Rose Chanlin

About the role: Oversees the special projects Low-Sec CampusNullsec CampusWormhole CampusIvy League Navy and works as a liaison to the other special projects which are unofficially tied to the University Amarr Mining CampusProject SolitudeIncursionsHighsec Group. This position is also responsible to coordinates PVP activities across the entire University.

About the person: Rose Chanlin has been part of the University since January 2012. In that time Rose has filled many positions including being an AMC Officer and most recently, the Personnel Manager. Rose is looking forward to being the Campus Coordinator and is looking forward to seeing how he can help the official and unofficial special projects so that all students can benefit and learn how to become better players.

Reports to: CEO

ILN Manager / Admiral

Croixant portrait.jpg

About the role: The ILN admiral is responsible for the ILN

About the person: Likes to blow things up. Also moonlights as The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Reports to: Campus Coordinator

LSC Manager


About the role: The LSC Manager is responsible for the Low-Sec Campus. He is the main point of contact in regard of questions relating to the LSC.

About the person: To be added...

Reports to: Campus Coordinator

NSC Manager

Grygr Anzomi

About the role: The NSC Manager is responsible for the Nullsec Campus. He is the main point of contact in regard of questions relating to the NSC.

About the person:

Reports to: Campus Coordinator

WHC Manager

Enta en Bauldry

About the role: The WHC Manager is responsible for the Wormhole Campus. He is the main point of contact in regard of questions relating to the WHC.

About the person: Data stolen by Sleepers

Reports to: Campus Coordinator

Student Advocate

Danielle en Divalone.jpg
Danielle en Divalone

About the role: The Student Advocate is a chosen to essentially function as a mediator, addressing issues at student level before they escalate to the point where a director should need to get involved. They are a point of contact for the student body, acting much like EVE's CSM in that they try to filter through the popular issues and bring the important ones to the attention of the directorate. The Student Advocate can also be considered the "voice" of the students, acting on their behalf in dealings with the directorate. Have you got an issue or a complaint with someone? Then the Student Advocate is the person you should speak to.

About the person: To Be Added

Reports to: Managing Director

EVE University Founder

Morning Maniac.jpeg
Morning Maniac

I founded EVE University to create a place where new players could get together and be appreciated for who they were. Classes and doing things together were important but nothing was, and is, more important than the positive attitude towards new players.

In the first three years I clocked about 4000 hours logged-in in the service of the University. After some real life changes my available free time was greatly reduced but I could rely on a great team of directors and managers to run the Uni. In the last three years I was mainly concerned with extinguishing fires and the occasional directorship drama, but fortunately for me and everyone involved these issues have become less frequent and intense. The current leadership is stable and doing well, and they seem to share my vision of what the University should be and they work hard to shape it as such, with all the limitations of the game and the people in it.

More changes in my real life have resulted in even less EVE time and as a result I feel now removed from the game. Because of that I have decided that it is in the best interest of EVE University that I resign from my CEO position. I have asked Kelduum to succeed me and he has accepted the job.

What does this mean for the University and its members? Well, nothing. It means that now the formal power will be with the person who has already been in charge for a long time. I trust that Kelduum and the rest of the leadership will continue to run and build the University as they have done in the past. If they should decide to take another route then that's fine too.

As for me? I hope to stay a member of the University. If and when I have time I would like to log in and just join the chat with the new guys. The enthusiasm of new players is what I always enjoy most about EVE. Besides, there is always a lot to learn in EVE.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for putting your trust in me. When I founded the Uni I had no idea where it would go. Where we are today is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have learned so much, I have met amazing people and had a great time. All thanks to you, members past and present of EVE University.

Directors Emeriti

The following were once directors E-UNI who have stepped down from their positions and while they no longer hold any official authority, their considerable knowledge and history is still called upon from time to time, and their input is welcome in E-UNI management discussions.