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EVE University has been around for over 11 years, and our rules and policies - as well as the way we pursue wars - have changed a lot in that time. This page is designed to help dispel some commonly-held myths that many people - unistas, alumni and many non-members - have about E-UNI.

Our current EVE University Rules can be summarised thusly:

  • be nice to other capsuleers
  • don't be a dick
  • no stealing or scamming
  • NBSI in low, null and WH space, NRDS in hisec (full Rules of Engagement are here)
  • maintain a high(-ish) sec status

Myths about E-UNI

Without further ado, here are some common "facts" spouted concerning E-UNI. These are all false.

E-UNI don't let you undock during wars!

Our rules do not change in the slightest in war-time (which is quite a lot of the time).

We have some tips for how to survive wars without making yourself look dumb. You are free to either follow these to minimize your losses, or not and have everyone else laugh at your stupid losses, as you please.

You can only fly what the management allow you to fly!

Alright this one is technically correct, you cannot fly supercapitals without specific authorization from a director. Literally everything else, go nuts. You want to take a AT prize ship with officer fittings out? Sure thing!

It takes like a month to get into E-UNI!

While this may have once been the case, the process is now much shorter. All we require is a short application and an API for the account you are applying on and any other accounts you hold (which is common for many corps). We will then review your application and you'll have a conversation with one of our recruitment staff who can then set up all your access if you're accepted. The vast majority of applications are dealt with within seven days of receipt.

E-UNI teach you nothing but hisec carebearing!

Although many of our memebrs do play EVE in hisec, we also have campuses in lowsec, nullsec and wormhole space. Our members frequently roam these lawless areas looking for fights, or run scheduled doctrine fleets, or gank poor neutral industrials for giggles.

We run suicide ganking classes, solo PvP classes, even CODE. have been known to come and talk to our students about what they do in EVE.

You aren't even allowed in sov null!

You may enter sovereign null as much as you like, whether just looking around or looking for fights. There are only two caveats:

  • don't do PvE in sov null (many entities get annoyed if you steal their lucrative sites)
  • don't get involved in major structure fights (we would like to stay as neutral as possible, politically speaking)