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Fanfest is a celebration of the EVE universe, sponsored every year by Crowd Control Productions (CCP). It is a chance for EVE players to meet with each other and with CCP developers (a.k.a. "devs") and company management. At Fanfest, CCP shares where they are taking EVE, and players provide feedback and opinions about the future direction of the game. Over three days, players attend CCP briefings and roundtable discussions, and talk about the evolving EVE universe.

It is also a fun celebration of the EVE community, with fantastic parties and music, both at the main Fanfest venue and in the various nearby hotels, bars and clubs.

For members of EVE University, Fanfest is also an opportunity to get together and meet the real people you fleet and chat with - the folks that exist only as voices on Mumble or as lines of text on your screen. It's a chance to share your common EVE experiences and retell stories of your adventures, and build bonds of comradeship that far go beyond the game itself.

Pictures from Fanfest 2013

At the Fanfest 2013 event in Reykjavik, Iceland, held April 25-27, nearly 50 EVE University members attended. The focus was on DUST514's official release, as well as on the highly anticipated Odyssey expansion.

Fanfest 2013 Program
Croixant: the Most Interesting Pilot in EVE
Geyser on the Golden Circle tour
Croix enjoying the Golden Circle tour
Gullflos falls on Golden Circle tour
Harpa, site of Fanfest 2013
Waiting to register
UNI table banner
D-UNI CEO Dennie Fleetfoot in uniform
Neville Smit and Zanthra Shard try EVR
Fanfest roundtable discussion
Croix and some Razor guys on the Pub Crawl
UNIs hanging out
Neville partying with RichDK of Razor Alliance
Looka Distraction, Theodacius, Sern Egon
EVE Uni at Harpa - Cervator's wife in center, Neville hiding behind banner, Dennie Fleetfoot in DUST uniform to the right
EVE Symphony with Cervator + wife in front
Blue Lagoon. Cervator's wife on left, Todax next to her; Shegunna Blow's wife in extreme right, Croixant next to her in first row
Shegunna Blow in front extreme left, his wife behind in red, Cervator's wife to her right in blue, Todax behind her, Croixant in front of her
Cervator, Mrs. Cervator and Mrs. Shegunna Blow
Fanfest 2013 Banner at Harpa
Harpa from the sea
Docked Gallente ships?

For more details see the forum thread

Pictures from Fanfest 2012

At the Fanfest 2012 event in Reykjavik, Iceland, held on March 22-24, more than two dozen EVE University members attended, and learned all about CCP's plans for DUST514 and the planned expansion of EVE, called Inferno. UNIs also spent a lot of time hanging out together, talking EVE, and learning more about their corpmates.

Harpa, site of Fanfest
Another view of the UNI TCU model
Harpa auditorium
Hilmar delivers the keynote
Gibson Thunderbird in the lounge
UNIs in the Thingholt lobby bar
Pre-Pub Crawl info
Lego Rifter
Harpa interior
Dennie Fleetfoot
Guard's new lanyard
Neville Smit
Keld undocks!
Crucible Roundtable
More UNIs
Even more UNIs
UNIs everywhere
UNI's default restaurant
On the Golden Circle tour
We're everywhere
New Crimewatch revealed
Roxor rocks
GusGus performs
Fanfest auction prizes

When and where is the next Fanfest?

CCP announced that the next Fanfest will be in Reykjavik, Iceland once again, at the HARPA center, on march 19-21, 2015. You can find more details here.

Why should I go to Fanfest?

1. Because the event's content is awesome.
3. Because the EVE community is awesome.
2. Because UNIs are awesome.