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Force Auxiliaries (singular: "Force Auxiliary", sometimes abbreviated as "FAX") are capital-sized logistics and fleet boosting ships. They are the most powerful logistics ships in the game, able to repair large amounts of shield or armor. Only Force Auxiliaries can fit triage modules, which immobilize the ship and prevent it from receiving remote repair, but which greatly increase its tank and ability to remote repair others.

The Triage Module

The Triage Module has the following effects when activated:

  • -100% maximum velocity
  • Disables the use of electronic warfare modules
  • -75% capital remote logistics duration
  • 400% capital remote logistics amount bonus (Tech II: 450%)
  • -50% armor repairer/shield booster duration
  • 100% armor repairer/shield booster amount bonus (Tech II: 120%)
  • 200% capital remote logistics range bonus
  • 60% sensor dampener resistance bonus (Tech II: 70%)
  • 80% remote assistance impedance
  • 900% scan resolution bonus
  • 100% remote repair impedance
  • -100% drone damage
  • +4 maximum locked targets bonus (Tech II: +5)

The triage module's cycle time is 5 minutes, and it requires 200 - (level of Icon skillbook2.png Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration * 25) Strontium Clathrates ("stront"). While it's active the FAX can't warp, jump, or move in any way. Force Auxiliaries are at their most effective with a triage module active.


The role of Force Auxiliaries was previously filled by the Carrier class of capital ships. In the Rhea expansion the role of carriers was split, with the Carrier class converted in to damage and support ships based around fighter squadrons, and the Force Auxiliary class was created with carriers' previous boni to remote repair, and the ability to equip the Triage module. This is a major reason why both Force Auxiliaries and Carriers share the same Spaceship Command skill.

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