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The Guest Fleet Commander (Guest FC) program allows Fleet Commanders from different corporations and alliance within EVE to act as fleet commanders for EVE University fleets, allowing the students to gain a wider range of experience from FCs with different skill- sets and styles, preparing them for the wide range of command styles and doctrines used in EVE.

Guest FCs inside Ivy League

All Guest FCs have the option of placing an alt in the Ivy League Hall of Residence if they should wish, which will ensure they have relevant access to standings and other resources, however they would then be expected to follow the E-UNI Rules on this character.

Guest FCs outside Ivy League

For Guest FCs who wish to remain in their current corporation, there are a few guidelines on how this program operates

Conduct & Language

  • E-UNI/IVY members should follow the normal E-UNI Rules, however the Guest FC is free to conduct themselves how they wish within EVE.
  • Language may be 'unrestricted', but the fleet should be stated as being 'NSFW' during its formation if this is the case.
  • Outside the fleet, the Guest FC is welcome to chat with members on Mumble, however language must follow the normal rules.

Forming fleets

  • Fleets should be scheduled 24-48 hours in advance there possible, to allow for maximum attendence. Check the E-UNI Calendar for anything which may clash.
  • When forming the fleet, the Guest FC should request an IVY member post notice of the fleet formation in Alliance, check for any existing fleets (in order to co-ordinate with exiting FCs), and assist in getting members in the fleet.
  • Normal fleet Mumble channels should be used, and the Guest FC should use the relevant command channel.

Valid Targets and Locations

It should be noted that E-UNI members are limited to HiSec, LoSec, W-Space and NPC NullSec to avoid various diplomatic issues. Similarly, using an E-UNI fleet related to a Guest FCs assets or space will be greatly frowned upon.

  • HiSec: Must be war-targets with an active war against IVY, or criminally flagged and not blue to IVY.
  • LoSec: Must be criminally flagged, and not blue to IVY.
  • NullSec/W-Space: Must not be blue to IVY. Check with E-UNI members in fleet command channel, or contact E-UNI about placing an alt in HALL.

After Action Reports

  • Guest FCs will be provided access to the relevant E-UNI forum for posting AARs. We greatly welcome AARs posted by Guest FCs in the style they would normally post them, otherwise a member of the fleet should be nominated to write up the AAR.

More Information

To join the Guest FC program or for more information, please contact Kelduum Revaan via EVEmail or E-UNI Forum PM.