How to Post A Killmail

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IVY members should be familiar with the rules concerning posting to the Killboard.

Ivy League Policy concerning killboards

Posting a Killmail or Lossmail

Killmails and Loss-mails (including those from in-corp and NPC losses) are posted automatically from the corp API every hour.

Killboard Comments

NOTE: While a member of EVE University, you are required to comment on ALL of your Kill and Loss Mails. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Do NOT include a link to the AAR. Do NOT name the FC, scout, or anyone else in the comment.

All Killmails must be posted even from an Eve University member against another Eve University member or an NPC. If it was a case of wartime SOP violation or anything else of the sort, it should be reported to the Student Relations Manager.

To comment you must first find your password you must be logged into the forum click User Control Panel then go to Profile then edit profile and you should be able to see your password.

If you have not appeared on the killfeed as an IVY League member (killed someone or been killed) you will not be able to log in or comment.

If you have just had your first kill you may have to wait up to two hours before the killfeed will allow you to log in.


Then use the login in the top left of the killfeed remember to use the password from the previous step and not your forum password you can the go to the kill in question and write an informative and educational comment.


You have now successfully posted your killmail or lossmail. Please accept our congratulations or condolences, where applicable!