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This article describes future content that has not been released. The details on this content may change before it comes to the live game.

HyperNet Relay is a raffling system where players can both host and take part in gambling.

Taking part in raffle

The HyperNet Relay is a simple raffle. You can buy one or more tickets (called "HyperNodes") and each ticket has equal chance to win.

Each raffle has set number of tickets available as determined by the host. Once all tickets have been sold the winner is chosen.

If all tickets are not sold before the time runs out the raffle is canceled. The money is returned to ticket buyers.


When you host a raffle you will place single item of yuor own as the reward. Other players will buy tickets in your raffle. You will also need to pay certain amount of HyperNet cores to create the raffle. Once the raffle is completed you will receive the ISK from the tickets minus 5% tax.

To start the hosting process go to the "create" tab in HyperNet Relay window and place the item you want to set as the prize in the box. Only single packaged items can be used as the prize. Trying to use a stack of items will result in only one item being used.
After this you can set the number of tickets (called "HyperNodes") and either the ISK cost of single ticket or total ISK cost of all tickets.
Hosting the raffle costs variable number of HyperNet cores. This depends on the total ISK value you set for the raffle.

After this you just wait for others to buy the tickets of your raffle. The raffle will last for maximum of three days.

Once all the tickets have been sold you will receive the ISK from ticket saled minus 5% tax.

If all tickets are not sold in time the raffle is canceled. The prize item is returned to the host, host will not get any money from the tickets and the HyperNet cores that were spend for creating the raffle will not be returned.

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