IVY Defense Status

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Ivy League uses the Defence Condition, Defcon, system of readiness.

State Definition
DEFCON 5 Normal Operations This is the condition used to designate normal peace-time operations for the alliance.
DEFCON 4 Increased Readiness Intel suggests a high probability of war. Prepare PvP ships and move jump-clones as appropriate.
DEFCON 3 War Preparations War has been declared and is in the 24 hour warm-up period. For new wars, final preparations should be made, jump-clones and PvP ships prepared.
DEFCON 2 Non-Significant War in Progress One or more wars from small groups are in progress. Significant military actions by the hostile forces are unlikely, however you can be fired upon anywhere in space, so caution is strongly suggested at all times, especially around HQ and trade hubs.
DEFCON 1 Significant War in Progress A significant War is live and in-progress, which is likely to involve military action anywhere in EVE. You can be fired upon anywhere in space.