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What are Incursions?

Incursions are automated events introduced with the Incursion expansion in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha's Nation, led by Sansha Kuvakei, invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves. Capsuleers must fight off Sansha's forces in order to return the contested space back into an area which can be more safely occupied.

High-end PvE fleet content

Incursions are high-end PvE fleet content, well above that of regular level four missions and have more in common with level five missions than anything else. The introduction of incursions to the game added some much needed incentive for fleet content in highsec. It also gave people a very controlled environment to train up their skills as a logistics pilot as well as giving people a feel for organized fleets outside of general PvP.

Contrary to missions, incursion fleets rely on buffers and resists supported by logistics ships in order to survive. The ships you face in incursions use electronic warfare, capacitor warfare as well as playing on speed and signature to their advantage. This forces incursion fleets to find ways around that in order to be successful.

Due to the restrictions to fleet size, each member of the fleet matters. You cannot compensate for lack of skill or efficiency by simply adding more ships. As such, incursions are not for the brand new player, but more geared towards those who've spent at least a few months in the game able to fly battleships, logistics or more advanced ships.

A lucrative endeavour

Incursions in highsec are a very profitable activity, assuming you find a community that runs continuous fleets. A normal fleet can make about 60 million ISK per hour running sites; more advanced fleets have the potential of making 100+ million ISK per hour.

Nomadic in nature

Incursions are nomadic in nature with a single focus lasting less than a week, forcing the incursion community to constantly move in order to continue taking part of the content.


The following quote is from the EVE Chronicle Uplifted:

"Then the wormhole let out a searing burst of white light, and they came through, bulbous metallic vessels covered in wicked, uneven spines. Hundreds poured from the shimmering portal, covering light years of distance in a single instant to cloud the skies above the helpless planet. Almost fishlike, darting in loose formation and changing direction simultaneously, they spread out in all directions. With synchronized releases of focused electromagnetic blasts, they smoothly wiped all defensive structures and communications satellites from orbit. For many people on the surface, the sudden glare of golden laser beams lancing across the night sky was the first sign that Sansha’s Nation had arrived."
CCP has released both the Incursion trailer and the CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions videos concerning Sansha Kuvakei and Incursions. They also made a more cinematic version of Incursions, called Incursion - Cinema Cut.

Effects of Incursions

This incursion information shows in all systems, letting you know there is an incursion going on. It also shows what kind of system it is, the current influence and if the mothership has been sighted yet.

When a constellation comes under the siege from Sansha's forces, the sirens sound in your Captain's Quarters to warn you; the nebulae gets a brownish hue making it obvious that something is different; beacons will appear in your overview; rats are replaced, and you suffer system wide penalties, which all make it harder to continue your usual business in not just the system but the entire constellation.

Read more about the actual sites and how many people it takes to run them on the Incursion sites page, or continue reading if you're just interested in how this affects you being in, or just passing through, an incursion constellation.

The image to the right is an example of what the information panel might look like. The panel will have different names pending on the style of incursion system. In addition to Sansha Vanguard, there are also Sansha Staging and Sansha Headquarters.

Once the Sansha forces withdraw from the constellation or the mothership site is finished, the incursion is over; the information panel will then disappear, and things immediately go back to normal.

Constellation penalties

During an incursion there are constellation wide penalties. The strength of the tank and weapon penalties are tied to both the level of activity and how much influence Sansha's forces have in the constellation. As players run sites, the Sansha's influence drops, and along with it, the penalties until they are effectively cancelled at zero influence.

Icon incursion effect cyno.png

System-wide cynosural field jammers are in effect.

Cynosural field jamming has very little effect in high security space, but can be quite damaging for a nullsec alliance if one of their logistics hubs is locked down. This penalty is absolute and always in effect even at zero influence, but does not stop you from lighting a covert cynosural field.

Icon incursion effect bounties.png

Financial systems compromised. 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties.

The 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties are always in full effect and doesn't scale with the influence.

Icon incursion effect resists.png

Vessel integrity compromised. Shield and armor resistances reduced.

At full influence, a Vanguard system suffers a 10% penalty to resists. In Assaults the penalty is 25% and in Headquarter systems the penalty is as much as 50% penalty to your resists. Due to the way resists work, it practically means that a ship with resist of 73% drops to 70% in Vanguard, 66% in Assaults and as low as 59% in Headquarter sites.

Icon incursion effect damage.png

Capsule interference detected. Turret, launcher, drone and smartbomb damage reduced.

At full influence, you do 10% less damage in Vanguards, 25% less damage in Assaults and as much as 50% less damage in Headquarter sites.

Native spawns are replaced

Whenever a constellation is under an incursion, the normal belt rats as well as the rats that spawn in ice belts will be replaced by Sansha Incursion rats. These NPCs will be much stronger, tougher, more deadly than your run of the mill Sansha Mission rats and mining ships; weaker combat ships will stand no chance against them. The rats that spawn in ice belts tend to be larger cruiser- or even battlecruiser-sized ships.

All the mission rats and exploration site rats will remain the same, but if you linger in a completed site or a cleared out pocket, eventually regular rats will spawn every once in a while, and they, too, will be replaced by the Sansha Incursion rats.

Gate camps in low and null security space

In low and null security space, the constellations under incursion will have Sansha "gate camps" for lack of a better word. There will be groups of Sansha Incursion rats at gates in these system, catching people unaware of the danger they pose. It is easy to mistake these for normal rats and under-estimate how hard they are to kill, and most importantly, how much of a punch they pack. See the anatomy page for a list of warp disruptor capable incursion rats, or the Sansha's Manual for more information about all of them.

So if you're moving a small fleet or a fleet of small ships through a low- or nullsec incursion, don't dismiss the threat these NPCs pose.

How do I get in contact with the E-Uni incursion community?

E-UNI Emblem.png
EVE University

Campus Groups:

Amarr Mining Campus
Highsec Campus
Incursion Community
Low-Sec Campus
Null-Sec Campus
Project Solitude
Wormhole Campus

Other Resources

University Forum

We use the following EVE University services for communication:

  • Mumble (voice comms, in one of the On-Demand Channels) - need to be registered on the forum.
  • Ingame chat channel incursions.e-uni. (need to know the password, see "Open Community" section below)
  • Ingame mailing list Incursions.E-UNI.
  • The Incursions section on the forum.

If you think that Incursions might be something for you, see the Roles in Incursions page to familiarize yourself with the various roles you could fill in an incursion fleet and the Preparing for Incursions and Fitting principles for a good overview of the skills needed and the reasoning behind the fits. Then have a look at the fitting pages for Vanguards or Assaults, to make sure your ship is properly fitted for incursions.

We'd also appreciate it if you looked at the Incursions checklist page, because there are some preparations that you'll need to make and mechanics you'll need to be aware of.

Newer players, including those who might not be capable of flying an incursion ready ship, are encouraged to join the chat channel and mailing list, as well as ask questions of the more experienced pilots in chat, or on mumble, if anything is unclear. Additionally, while incursions are considered the high-end for PvE content in EVE, there are positions vital to UNI incursion fleets that require as little as a couple of hours to a couple of days of skill training to proform (namely Picket, and Scout), see Roles in Incursions for more information reguarding those roles.

Open community

Our Incursion Community is open to everyone who is a friend of EVE University [1]; Alumni, ex-unistas and alts are all more than welcome to come fly with us as long as you aren't at war and recognize that teaching comes first and that certain restrictions might be put in place, ensuring we conform with the EVE University Rules and the Wartime Standard Operating Procedures (WSOP).

Mutual respect

Historically we owe a lot to alumni and friends of the university. They were instrumental in building up the community we have today, bringing both much needed ships, high skills and lots of experience to our fleets. Alumni in particular spent countless hours helping us reach the point where we had several people capable of running incursions, improving the community and recruiting more people to come fly with us.

Those who fly with us respect the university and what we try to do, we in turn respect what they bring to our community. As such they've continued to be valuable members of the community.

Relations with the public communities

While we have no official relationship with any of the public communities, EVE University's neutrality and long-term goals of teaching the next generation of EVE-players means that we avoid putting ourselves in situations where future relations might be compromised. As such, we do not run with public communities while at war [2].

This does not stop individual members of these communities flying with us, as this is something that is often mutually beneficial. We've also had guest fleet commanders joining us for the more difficult headquarters or mothership sites.

If you're looking for a public community, see this forum post on the EVE Forums. It's not an official list or anything, but it's usually updated.


  1. ^ Since we use the above mentioned services, you need to be an alumni, an ex-unista, or be an alt of a current unista or alumni, thus able to access the portion of the forum that contains our channel passwords. You also need to remain in good standing with the university to continue to have access to the forum, channels and Mumble.
  2. ^ Unistas aren't allowed to fly with public incursion communities while at war to avoid causing trouble that may lead to diplomatic incidents or worse, barring future unistas from joining the community in question.