Intercept The Pirate Smugglers (Serpentis)

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Intercept the Pirate Smugglers, level 3
Best damage to dealTherm, Kin
Damage to resistTherm, Kin
Ship suggestionJaguar, Hurricane, Cyclone, Drake, Caracal


Single Pocket

Group 1:
auto aggro 40-45km 2x Sentry Guns
2x Frigates (Space-Port Guardian) - Merlin class
After some time, the smugglers arrive. If you haven't moved since warp in, they'll warp in on top of you Group 2:
4x Transports (Serpentis Transport)
3x Frigates (Convoy Guard Wingman) - Tristan class (web)
3x Battlecruisers (Convoy Guard) - Brutix class
Guns may drop ammo Space Port has no loot Note:
Second warp to 0 will take you directly on top of the Space Port. Isk:
Bounty: 745,500 ISK (takes about less than 10 minutes in a drone Gila)
Loot: ~ 0.5 - 3.3M ISK (got a Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I + few tags)
Standing hits:
Killing one of the transporters incurs a 2.4% standing penalty Video:
There is many ways to do this mission, but this video shows one of them.