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** Science V
** Science V
** CPU Management V
** CPU Management V
* Minmatar Encryption Methods I
* Caldari Encryption Methods I
** Hacking II
** Hacking II
*** Electronics Upgrades III
*** Electronics Upgrades III
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There are 3 mandatory items and 2 optional items needed for invention. To find out what items are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.
There are 3 mandatory items and 2 optional items needed for invention. To find out what items are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.
For example, this same you look on the "Info" for the BPC, there will be an Invention tab under the Bill of Materials. This tab will show all the needed items for the job. It does not include the optional items.
===Mandatory Items===
===Mandatory Items===

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Invention is the means by which you produce blueprint copies for Tech II items and ships in EVE, which can then be sold on the market, or (more popularly) be used to manufacture those items for sale or personal use in the game.

A player using the invention process takes a BPC for a lower tech item, adds certain specialized equipment, and attempts to create a BPC for a corresponding higher tech item. Although it sounds simple, invention can be very expensive and difficult to do successfully.

The (hopefully) created BPC will have a single run on a ship BPC, and 10 runs on everything else. It will have ME -2% and TE -4%. These values are regardless of those on the input T1 BPC. The Runs, ME and TE levels on the created BPC can be adjusted using decryptors (see optional items below).

Skills Required

You need to train several different types of skills in order to perform the invention process:

  • Encryption Method skills - there are one for each of the four races (Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar) and every Tech II item requires a specific one
  • Advanced Science skills - each Tech II item requires at least two of these

There are four racial encryption methods skills:

Each T2 item is associated with one of these encryption methods.

Each item also has two advanced science skills associated with it. The advanced science skills are:

Invention info.png

An inventor must have the proper encryption method skill and the two science skills trained, as required for each item, in order to start an Invention job. Higher skill levels of the encryption methods and science skills lead to a better chance of invention. In order to see which skills are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.

For example, this Scourge Rocket Blueprint (see right) requires:

  • Rocket Science I
    • Mechanics V
    • Science V
  • Electronic Engineering I
    • Science V
    • CPU Management V
  • Caldari Encryption Methods I
    • Hacking II
      • Electronics Upgrades III
        • CPU Management II
        • Power Grid Management II
      • Science III

You should train the encryption method skills to at least level 3, and the science skills at least to level 4, to have a good chance of invention success.

Use this handy calculator to work out your invention chance using different combinations of skills & optional items: http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/invention_chance.php

Other Related Skills

Laboratory Operation and Advanced Laboratory Operation will govern how many concurrent science jobs you can perform. Scientific Networking will govern from how many jumps away you can start science jobs.

Items required

There are 3 mandatory items and 2 optional items needed for invention. To find out what items are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.

Mandatory Items

  1. Blueprint copy
    • You must have a T1 blueprint copy (BPC) of the T2 item you wish to create. Whether the invention job is successful or not, this BPC will be returned to you with one fewer runs remaining on it. If it only has one run remaining, it will be consumed.
    • The ME, TE and Runs Remaining on the input BPC are irrelevant.
  2. Datacores
    • Each invention job will require two types of datacores. The number of datacores needed depends on the size of the object created. Small modules only require one datacore of each type while battleships require 32 of each type.
    • Datacores are primarily obtained through Factional Warfare loyalty point stores. They can also be 'farmed' from Research agents, although much less effectively, whilst some datacores can be found in exploration sites. However obtained, they tend to end up on the market, in the Manufacture & Research > Research Equipment > Datacores tab.
    • Whether the invention job is successful or not, these datacores will be consumed.
  3. Data Interface
    • Each job will require a data interface.
    • There are different sets of interfaces for ships, ship equipment, and rigs. Each race has its own set of interfaces. The interface name has two parts, the Racial title, and the object type. For Racial title, Amarr use the Occult, Caldari the Esoteric, Gallente the Incognito, and Minmatar the Cryptic. For object type, ships use the Ship Data Interface, Modules & Ammo use the Data Interface, and Rigs use the Tuner Data Interface. So, for example, to invent on Caldari ships, you would use the Esoteric Ship Data Interface.
    • The racial interface required is the same as the racial encryption method skill needed. For example, the Scourge Rocket above requires the Caldari Encryption Methods skill, and therefore an Esoteric Data Interface for invention.
    • These items are only used to start the Invention process and are not consumed. That means a single interface can start an infinite number of jobs. If you ever decide to go into T2 manufacturing on a large scale, you only need to purchase a single set of interfaces.

Optional Items

  1. Base Item (recommended)
    • One optional item that can be included is a base item - a "named" Tech 1 item of the type you are trying to invent.
    • These items increase the chance of a successful invention job significantly. The "Meta Level" of an item is the key factor.
    • You can use Meta Level 1 to 4 ("named" tech I items) as a base item for invention - Meta 0 items have no effect, and you cannot use higher Meta Level items than Meta 4. The higher the Meta Level of the base item, the better chances of success. Like datacores, this base item will be consumed during the Invention process, whether you are successful or not.
  2. Decryptors (recommended for big expensive invention jobs, like T2 ships)
    • Decryptors are an optional item that can be added to the invention process. Decryptors affect the invention chance of the process as well as the material efficiency, time efficiency, and number of runs of the created T2 BPC. Decryptors will be consumed during the Invention process, successful or not.
    • Add the values from the decryptor to the base values to calculate the final outcome of the T2 BPC.
    • Excellent guide to decryptors: http://eve-prosper.blogspot.com/2013/07/everything-you-never-wanted-to-know.html NOTE: pre-Crius guide, use with caution

Use this handy calculator to work out your invention chance using different combinations of skills & optional items: http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/invention_chance.php

The invention process

Gather your BPC, all mandatory items and any optional items you desire to use in a station with invention facilities, or in a Design Laboratory at a POS. The Design Laboratory also has a 50% reduction in the time required on invention, which is highly useful.

Select the relevant BPC in the Industry window, and choose Invention on the activity list. The resulting window will tell you your invention chance, taking into account your skills and any selected optional items.

The optional items can be selected using the two boxes in the upper left hand corner of the Industry UI. All possible items will be listed, but items not available for use (i.e. not found in the input material location) will be faded out. You can use the decryptor selection box to look at how each different decryptor affects invention chance and outcome.

Be sure to select the correct Outcome, because some T1 BPCs can invent more than one T2 item (for example, a Scourge Rocket BPC invents both the Scourge Rage Rocket and Scourge Javelin Rocket BPCs, two different types of T2 rocket ammunition).

Currently, there are no Teams that work on Invention, although this may change in the future (CCP has committed to looking at Invention in the next patch/expansion after Crius).

Invention ui.png

WIP below here...

  • When you select a completed job (from the Science & Industry listing on your NeoCom), there will be a Deliver button at the bottom of the dialog. Click that to have the product of your job delivered to you.
  • When delivered, you'll get either a "You were successful!" or a "You failed." message.
    • Items are consumed by the invention process, whether successful or not.
  • If successful, you'll get a Tech II item BPC.
    • Tech II module BPCs have runs of 10 items, unless modified by a decryptor.
    • Tech II ship BPCs have runs of 1 item, unless modified.
    • ME and PE on these Tech II BPCs are awful, so you'll have higher than normal requirements for manufacturing, including some specialty items. These items can be manufactured through Planetary Interaction, or in POS in null sec or low-sec space that conduct moon mining. But most starting inventors simply acquire them using buy orders in trade hubs.

Maximizing invention success

The chance for a succesful invention is calculated by this formula: Invention_Chance = Base_Chance * (1 + (0.01 * Encryption_Skill_Level)) * (1 + ((Datacore_1_Skill_Level + Datacore_2_Skill_Level) * (0.1 / (5 - Meta_Level)))) * Decryptor_Modifier

    • Base Chance
      • Modules and Ammo have a base probability of 40%
      • Frigates, Destroyers, Freighters and Skiff have a base probability of 30%
      • Cruisers, Industrials and Mackinaw have a base probability of 25%
      • Battlecruisers, Battleships and Hulk have a base probability of 20%
      • In summary, it's not difficult to get a good chance of success for modules, but progressively more difficult for ships as their size increases. This is why investing in some decryptors is a good idea for Tech II ship invention jobs.
    • (Racial) Encryption Skill Level
      • 0.01 x Encryption Skill Level (so something between 0.01 and 0.05)
    • Science Skills (one for each of the required datacores)
      • 0.02 x Combined Level of Advanced Science Skills (so something between 0.04 and 0.2)
    • Tech I Meta Level Item (optional)
      • Metalevel 0 item does not improve invention probability
    • Decryptor (optional)
      • See table above for probability multiplier
  • For example, using the invention chance calculator, enter these values:
    • Let's say we are inventing Power Diagnostic System II module blueprint copies, so select a Base chance value of 40%
    • Enter 3 for the level of your encryption skill - a moderate level of proficiency
    • Enter 4 for each of the two science skill levels - for a PDS, that would be High Energy Physics and Quantum Physics
    • Enter Metalevel 4 for our base item - for a PDS, this would be a "Beta Reactor Control: Diagnostic System I"
    • Enter None for decryptor
    • Press the "Recalculate" button. The probability of success is... 74.16%
    • Now enter Metalevel 0 for the base item and recalculate. The probability of success is now... 47.79% - this illustrates the value of using higher meta level base items in invention jobs.
    • You can experiment with different skill levels and items to see how the probability changes. Use this to determine the levels of skills you wish to train, and whether you want to invest in meta level items or decryptors.
  • Note that the following factors have no impact on the probability of invention success:
    • Using meta level 0 base items (as previously described)
    • Material Level of the input BPC
    • Productivity Level of the input BPC
    • Licensed runs of the input BPC (though it can affect output BPC runs)
    • How attractive, charming or brilliant you are :-)
  • A few helpful guidelines:
    • Encryption skill affects the chance of success moderately - training up to level 3 is useful - beyond that, it produces only very slight improvement
    • Science skills affect success most significantly - train up to at least level 4, and eventually to level 5 if you are going to be producing significant amounts of certain items
    • Higher meta-level Tech I items can also affect success significantly - while optional, use meta 3 or 4 items (when affordable) if you can. You can place buy orders in the market to get some of these at very low prices from mission-runners who want to dump their loot.
    • Decryptors can virtually guarantee success, but can also be very expensive - in general, use these only for big items like Tech II ships.
    • To maximize profits from invention, you need to minimize your investment costs. This means using buy orders to purchase invention items in the market: datacores, meta items, decryptors. You'll also want to shop around to different stations to find the most affordable blueprint copying and invention research labs - they all charge fees for their services, and some more than others.
    • A very good invention profitability calculator: http://www.eve-market-guide.com/
    • An easy to use tool for analyzing the profitability of T2 invention and manufacturing: http://bp.cherry.frubar.net/
    • Another helpful tool for analyzing the potential value of invention jobs is Eve-MEEP: http://sites.google.com/site/evemeep/
    • As you gain more experience in invention, you can experiment with different investments in your mix of skills, meta level items, and decryptors. Many inventors tire quickly of depending on public resources for blueprint copying, which are always in short supply. If you are going to be a serious producer of Tech II items, you will eventually want to establish a research POS, so that you always have lab slots available for copying and invention jobs. But that is the subject of another entire class....