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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Needs to be updated to reflect new holding, buyback, and transport corps in Ivy League and Ivy League Alt Alliance. Need to delineate past and present Hall of Residence.
New Ivy Logo.png

Ivy League is the Alliance of EVE University. EVE University is the main corporation in the Alliance, and the other corporations are solely to support EVE University. The ticker of Ivy League is [IVY].

It was created by the founder of EVE University, Morning Maniac, on 17th September 2006. The name was selected through a membership vote, based on the real life Ivy League.


IVY Logo.png

The first logo, to the right, was designed by Kelduum Revaan. It was the winner of a competition held in 2006.

CCP subsequently changed their policy on Alliance logos in April 2015, and another competition was held to design a new logo for Ivy League. The current logo (above) was the winning entry, designed by Janton Raudhir and Jurius Doctor.

Current Member Corporations

Corporation Ticker Purpose Creation Date
EVE University [E-UNI] EVE University is the main corporation of Ivy League. It is a neutral non-profit training organisation 15th March 2004
Ivy League Holdings [IVY.H] Ivy League Holdings is a holding corporation which stores some of Ivy League's assets 29th June 2011
Ivy League Hall of Residence [HALL] Hall is the optional corporation for alternate characters of EVE University members it is now part of our alt alliance. 27th March 2012

Previous Member Corporations

Corporation Ticker Purpose Creation Date Leaving Date
DUST University [D-UNI] Dust University was a sister group for EVE University in the now-closed console game Dust 514 20th February 2011 15th March 2017
Ivy League Industrial Assets Division [ILIAD] Ivy League Industrial Assets held some of Ivy League's industrial services 16th August 2013 15th March 2017
Ivy League Research and Development [IL-RD] 13th May 2009 4th June 2014
Ivy League Research Foundation [2KNOW] 5th November 2006 27th June 2010
EVE University Fight Academy [EF-FA] 18th March 2004 14th June 2010
Legion of Lost Souls [L0LS] 28th April 2005 30th June 2008