Ivy League Navy

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The Ivy League Navy (ILN) was created to improve E-Uni's PvP capability. That is accomplished by leading and supporting fleets, gaining experience, and sharing that experience with others. It is overseen by the Director of Special Projects.

Admission to the ILN is by invite only. The criteria we are looking for are:

  • Experience in PVP total
  • Knowledge of flying different ships and roles
  • Ability to command fleets of different ships and roles
  • Helpfulness to others

While we generally look at all of these criteria, you don't have to excel in all of them. Extra points in one group can compensate for another one. So you don't have to FC but it is definitely a plus. Usually you will be approached by the ILN Manager about joining. If we completely missed you, feel free to approach any Captain or the ILN Manager about it so we can discuss your case. If you are unsure whether you fit in or not, have a look at the current officers and see how you fare compared to them.

In order to promote and encourage budding Fleet Commanders the ILN sponsors the Fleet Command Course (FCC). Participants on the FCC join the ILN and are commissioned with the rank of Ensign.


Fleet Admiral / ILN Manager






Retired Admirals