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Without our faculty of volunteer teaching staff, EVE University could not exist. These players selflessly volunteer their time and effort to teach new players about the various career paths and options available in EVE. However, just as most UNI members eventually move on from EVE University, some of our Teachers also leave us. This is why we are constantly seeking qualified capsuleers who are willing to step up and teach what they've learned to a new generation of UNI pilots.

This article explains how you can become a UNI Teacher or Guest Lecturer, what is expected of you if you teach, and what you can expect from EVE University in return.

Becoming a UNI Teacher

Become a UNI Teacher!

Teachers are the backbone of what makes EVE University EVE University. While players can get EVE advice from a variety of sources, only EVE University consistently teaches live in-game classes on all EVE subjects. If you feel that you're good at explaining things, teaching might just be for you!

What does being a Teacher mean?

Being a Teacher with EVE University means you spend some of your own (in-game) time helping other players by holding classes. While all classes are welcome, we are especially looking for teachers who will teach classes with regularity - even if it is only once a month. Being a Teacher in EVE University means people will also turn to you for advice, as new players recognize your efforts to help them and your knowledge in a certain field. If you like helping others, being a UNI Teacher can be a very rewarding experience.

We expect UNI Teachers to follow our guidelines and procedures, as described here:

How do I become a Teacher?

To become a UNI Teacher, you must first meet these qualifications:

  • Current UNI membership - members who have grown as students and mentors through E-Uni trainings and experience who want to teach, or,
  • Guest Lecturers - non E-Uni members/former Unistas who are already experienced/skilled in EVE (and too advanced to join as a new student) and who want to teach. You should apply to be a Guest Lecturer.
  • E-UNI Sophomore or Graduate title earned and awarded
  • Willingness to help - a genuine desire to help and assist new players in Eve University
  • Availability - you must be willing and able to teach at least one class per month during your tenure as a Teacher
  • Demonstrated experience or expertise in one or more aspects of EVE - you need to know something about what you are teaching!
  • Ability to teach - you will need to show us that you can communicate effectively to groups of people and conduct classes
  • Agreement to comply with UNI class development and delivery standards - you must agree to follow our rules and procedures for developing or updating our class syllabus library, scheduling and delivering classes, and reporting class results

If you meet these qualifications, and wish to become a Teacher, complete this application for an interview with the Teaching Manager.

If accepted, you will then become an Associate Teacher. This is basically a trial period for a new teacher. You will receive access to the Teacher's Lounge forum and our in-game chat channel, where you will find a lot of useful information and helpful advice.

As an Associate Teacher, you will be required to submit class notes to the Training Manager or Director of Education for approval, before you schedule a class. The class notes should describe both the structure and contents of the class you plan to teach. We always leave the choice of topic up to the teacher, but we do have a Syllabus Library (collection of class topics) that always need teaching. Once your class notes have been approved, you can schedule the class on a time and date convenient for you. We prefer that one or more experienced teachers sit in on the class of Associate Teachers, although if none are available, a class can be held without them.

After an Associate Teacher has taught three classes successfully and submitted post-class reports on each, he or she will become a full Teacher. Teachers do not need to have their class notes approved, and can schedule classes as they so desire without prior review or approval.

What is expected of me as a Teacher?

As a UNI Teacher, we expect that you conduct classes at EVE University with reasonable consistency. This does not mean that you have to teach a class every week - once a month is fine - as long as you do so every month. This should be done out of your own initiative. Do not wait for a manager or director to poke you about teaching.

We also expect you to take care of yourself: do not get burned out. Some new teachers start teaching multiple classes a week, but soon stop teaching because the novelty wears off and they get tired. Long term consistency is more important than short term quantity to us.

We also expect you to comply with our standards for class development and delivery. This means that you use our standard format for class notes, and either add them to our syllabus library, or update and improve an existing syllabus there. You most also complete a short online questionnaire after each class, so we can track class delivery and attendance.

What can I expect from EVE University as a Teacher?

EVE University always supports its teachers. If you have a class that requires resources (minerals, BPCs, modules, etc), funding can be arranged through EVE University's logistics department.

You will be awarded a UNI Teacher title. You will also have access to the Teacher's Lounge forum, and the in-game teacher and mentor chat channel. You'll have the opportunity to interact with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players in the UNI.

Involvement in the University as a faculty member is also a stepping stone for higher positions within our management staff.

I'm not in the UNI, but I'm very experienced, and I want to join as a Teacher. Can I?

If you are an experienced EVE player, and have applied to the UNI in hopes of becoming a Teacher, you should first know these facts:

  • UNI rules and policies are highly restrictive by design, to protect our new EVE pilots. Often, these rules are too limiting for the comfort of most veteran EVE players.
  • The UNI is almost entirely focused on new players in EVE, and as a result, we rarely accept highly experienced characters.
  • In the past, some older EVE players have applied to the UNI "to teach", but then failed to do so - much to our disappointment. For this reason, the desire to teach is in itself not sufficient reason to be accepted into the UNI.
  • With rare exception, we do not accept alt characters into the UNI - to teach or for any other purpose.

For these reasons, we have established the Guest Lecturer program, so that you will not be constrained by UNI rules and policies, but can still help new pilots in EVE - and according to your own schedule and level of desire. We encourage all highly experienced EVE players who wish to teach to pursue that option.

If, despite the above warnings, you still want to apply for UNI membership, then you can send in a UNI application, and join the interview queue. Mention in your application that you are also interested in becoming a UNI Teacher, so the Personnel Officer can factor that into their decision. If you are not accepted, remember that the Guest Lecturer and Teacher Induction programs are still open to you.

  • If you are accepted into the UNI, you can then begin to earn your Freshman and Sophomore titles - a six-week process.
  • While you are earning your Sophomore title, complete this application for an interview with the Teaching Manager.
  • After this interview, you will receive Associate Teacher status, and can begin teaching classes. After you successfully deliver your first three classes, and you have received your Sophomore title, you will then be awarded the UNI Teacher title.

The reason for requiring UNI Teachers to go through this process is acclimate them to UNI rules and policies. All UNI Teachers are expected to fully understand UNI rules, and set an example for the UNI community.

Teacher Induction Program

If you are an experienced EVE player, are not accepted as a standard UNI applicant, then the Teacher Induction Program is a way to become a UNI Teacher. If you would like to join the Teacher Induction Program, please send an EVE mail to the Teaching Manager or the Director of Education explaining your background and what topic(s) you'd like to deliver.

How does the Teacher Induction Program work?

  • You begin as a Guest Lecturer for a probationary period of two months.
  • You must teach at least two classes per month.
  • After successfully completing the probationary period of two months or six classes, whichever is later, you will be eligible to become a full Teacher and a member of EVE University, pending approval by our Personnel department.
  • After the Teaching Manager has sent you confirmation that your probationary period was successful, you should send in a UNI application, and join the interview queue.
  • Mention in your application that you are applying under the Teacher Induction Program.
  • The application must be made by your main character, no alts allowed.
  • You must understand and comply fully with EVE University Rules.

All applications are subject to review by our Personnel and other departments and acceptance is not guaranteed. Acceptance into the UNI under this program is conditional on you being an active Teacher, inactivity will result in removal from the Uni.

On very rare occasions, for extraordinarily qualified EVE personalities who genuinely want to contribute back to the community of pilots by becoming a UNI Teacher, we may grant special exceptions to this process - contact the UNI Director of Education or Teaching Manager for more information.

Guest Lecturer Program

If you are not a current member of EVE University, but are qualified to conduct certain classes or deliver special lectures on specific EVE topics, we welcome your participation as a Guest Lecturer.

What does being a Guest Lecturer mean?

Guest Lecturers are recognized for in-depth expertise in specialized EVE topics, and their ability to explain them clearly. Experienced EVE players who would like to share their practical knowledge and insight with EVE University students, and thus, help to improve the quality of new pilots, are encouraged to step forward and volunteer to be a Guest Lecturer, with our gratitude.

What is expected of me as a Guest Lecturer?

Unlike Teachers, Guest Lecturers are not expected to join the UNI, nor are they required to deliver classes on any set schedule. They can provide a one-time special event, or they may provide occasional classes or lectures as they wish.

Guest Lecturers will be asked to submit a summary outline of their lecture to the Teaching Manager, or indicate which class from our syllabus library you wish to teach. The Teaching Manager will then post publicity for the event in the EVE University forum and in the in-game UNI corporate calendar. On the day of the event, a UNI administrator will provide the Guest Lecturer with temporary access to the appropriate online classroom on the UNI Mumble server and the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel.

What can I expect as a Guest Lecturer?

If you are accepted as a Guest Lecturer, you will be given access to our in-game chat channel for the UNI teaching staff. In addition, most special lectures are recorded and made part of our Class Library, where your contribution will be immortalized forever for replay by future generations of all EVE pilots.

How do I become a Guest Lecturer?

If you would like to be a Guest Lecturer to EVE University, please send an EVE mail to the Teaching Manager or the Director of Education explaining your background and what topic(s) you'd like to deliver.