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Teaching is the main function of EVE University, which is why our faculty of Teachers and Guest Lecturers is our most important resource. Teaching at EVE University is a rewarding activity in many ways, not least because it gives you the opportunity to help educate the largest student body in EVE, shaping the careers of literally thousands of capsuleers as they begin their journey in New Eden.

The teaching faculty is made of two groups, Teachers, who must be members of EVE University and form the core of the teaching staff, and Guest Lecturers, who are not members of E-UNI and can be anyone experienced in EVE who occasionally or regularly gives lectures to our students. Teachers who leave the University to pursue other interests often continue as Guest Lecturers, and conversely it is possible for Guest Lecturers to join the University and become Teachers via the Teacher Induction Programme.

We are always seeking new volunteers, who are willing to step up and teach what they have learned to a new generation of EVE pilots.

Becoming a Teacher

Become a UNI Teacher!

The majority of our teachers start off as students who have gained knowledge of a certain aspect of EVE and are willing to pass that on to new members. To become a teacher, you do not need to be an expert by any means, and often teachers will begin teaching the basics in one area and later expand the classes they teach as their knowledge and confidence increase.

What is expected of a Teacher?

  • Teachers must have a working knowledge of the subject area(s) they wish to teach, and be able to effectively communicate that knowledge.
  • Teachers are expected to conduct classes with reasonable consistency. We ask that as a minimum, they teach at least once every month.
  • They are expected to comply with E-UNI standards of class delivery. This means that they follow the procedures set out in the Guide to Teaching Classes and How to Schedule a Class.
  • They are expected to contribute towards the continued improvement and development of our classes including the Syllabus Library and recorded Class Library.
  • They are expected to act appropriately as a member of the University staff and set a positive example to students.

What are the benefits of being a Teacher?

  • The greatest and most important benefit of being a teacher is the knowledge that you are helping others to get the most out of their time in EVE University and increasing their enjoyment of EVE.
  • EVE University always supports its teachers. If you have a class that requires resources (minerals, BPCs, modules, etc), funding can be arranged through the University's logistics department.
  • Teachers can call on the knowledge and advice of the entire faculty and wider University staff, for example when developing a new class syllabus.
  • Teachers receive an in-game time title, have access to the staff and education forums, as well as dedicated in-game chat channel and mailing list.
  • Being an EVE University Teacher can often lead to other roles of responsibility within the University, and can have a positive effect on your wider EVE career.

Applying to become a Teacher

To become a Teacher, you must be current member of EVE University and hold the Sophomore or Graduate title.

If you have read all the above and would like to become a teacher, please complete this Application Form.

Teacher Induction Programme

Since EVE University recruitment is geared towards new pilots joining as students, highly experienced players applying to the UNI are often not accepted. The Teacher Induction Programme provides a way for experienced capsuleers to join the University as Teachers by first becoming Guest Lecturers.

If you would like to join the Teacher Induction Programme, please send an EVE mail to the Teaching Manager or the Director of Education explaining your background and what topic(s) you'd like to deliver.

  • The application must be made by a player’s main character, no alts are allowed.
  • Applicants must spend a probationary period of at least one month as a Guest Lecturer, and they must teach at least two classes during this first month. They can then apply for full UNI membership, with the approval of the Teaching Manager and/or the Director of Education.

All applications are subject to review by the Personnel Department and acceptance is not guaranteed. Acceptance into the University under this program is conditional on you being an active Teacher; inactivity will result in removal from E-UNI.

Please note that EVE University Rules are designed to protect novice players, and experienced capsuleers may find them overly restrictive. If that is the case, becoming a Guest Lecturer offers a way to teach without the restrictions of E-UNI membership.

On very rare occasions, for extraordinarily qualified alumni or EVE personalities who genuinely want to contribute back to the community of pilots by becoming an E-UNI Teacher, we may grant special exceptions to this process - contact the Director of Education or Teaching Manager for more information.

Becoming a Guest Lecturer

If you are not a member of EVE University, but would like to conduct classes or give special lectures on specific EVE topics, we welcome your participation as a Guest Lecturer. Many of our Guest Lecturers are experienced capsuleers who are recognised for their in-depth knowledge and expertise. We encourage anyone who would like to share their knowledge and insight with our students to step forward and volunteer to be a Guest Lecturer.

It is also possible for a Guest Lecturer to become a UNI Teacher via the Teacher Induction Programme.

What is expected of a Guest Lecturer?

  • There are no activity requirements for Guest Lecturers. They are welcome to teach a one-off class or come back as often as they wish, even developing an entire curriculum if they so choose.
  • Guest Lecturers are asked to submit a summary of their lecture to the Teaching Manager or Director of Education, or indicate which class from the Syllabus Library they wish to teach.
  • Guest Lecturers have access to the Scheduled Classes section of the E-UNI Forum, and may post their own class announcements there. They will also have access to our in-game chat channel, where they can exchange ideas with other UNI educators, or ask for UNI staff to help with their event, including posting it in the UNI in-game calendar.
  • On the day of the class, the Guest Lecturer can start a classroom channel on the UNI Mumble server, and join the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel where they can take questions and post links.

What are the benefits of being a Guest Lecturer?

  • First of all, Guest Lecturers get to pass on their knowledge and experience to a large and eager pack of new pilots, filling their empty heads with the skills they will need to survive and thrive in New Eden.
  • Guest Lecturers have access to our in-game chat channel and mailing list for the University teaching staff. Guest Lecturers also have access to the Scheduled Classes forum and can create their own Mumble channels on the UNI server.
  • Many lectures are recorded and made part of our Class Library, where the contributions of Guest Lecturers are immortalised for replay by future generations of EVE pilots.

How to become a Guest Lecturer

If you would like to be a Guest Lecturer with EVE University, please send an EVE mail to the Teaching Manager or the Director of Education briefly explaining your background and what topic(s) you'd like to cover.