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Students are welcome to stay in EVE University for as long as they wish. However, EVE University is a training corporation designed to prepare pilots for the wider world of EVE Online. Therefore we expect and encourage our members to move on to other corporations when they feel ready to do so.

EVE University Alumni remain part of our community and are able to access most of our facilities. If pilots later wish to rejoin EVE University they get priority for re-entrance over new members. This page will explain how to prepare to leave EVE University.

Reasons people leave EVE University

Moving onto another corporation

Eventually most of our students decide that it is time to move on from EVE University and join another corporation. There are various ways to find another corporation to join:

  • Our Work Fair forum is a place where other corporations can advertise and give you some information about what it is like to be a member of their corporation. Some of them actively seek out ex-EVE University members because they know that they will have had a better start in the game. Feel free to post in their threads and ask for more information about joining a new corporation.
  • Speaking to EVE University alumni is a great way to get more information about other corporations. Our alumni are able to access the chat channels, forum and mumble, so please do ask them about their experience with their new corporation.
  • Use the in-game Corporation Finder to look up adverts for other corporations. Select Corporation on the Neocom then Recruitment and Search. You can search by various categories to find a corporation that matches what you wish to do in EVE Online.
  • EVE Online has a recruitment chat channel where corporations can advertise for new members. The name of the channel is Recruitment.
  • There is also a Recruitment Forum on the EVE Online forums where corporations can post adverts. Feel free to contact the recruitment staff of the other corporations to ask for more information.

Once you have found another corporation you wish to join, locate their requirements for new members and either apply or contact their recruitment contact for more information on joining.

Attending a training course or apprenticeship

Several corporations offer external training courses or apprenticeships which involve you becoming a member of their corporation for the duration of the training course or apprenticeship. Apprenticeships will give you an idea of the community in that corporation and help you decide whether you would like to apply, without the commitment of becoming a permanent member.

Apprenticeships and training courses can be found in our Work Fair forum and are often advertised elsewhere by the corporation providing them.

You do not need to tell EVE University that you are leaving to attend a training course, although if you intend to return it helps if you make a post in our Hi and Bye forum of your intentions. Once you have completed the training course or apprenticeship and you wish to return to EVE University, read this page on Returning to EVE University. You will be qualified for fast track re-entry.

Leaving for the war

Like many large corporations, EVE University often finds itself at war. We do what we can to avoid this affecting the experience of our new members, and provided you follow our Tips For War and be careful you should be fine, and if you are interested in PVP it may even be a good learning experience.

However, we appreciate that not everyone is interested in PVP or wants to be involved in the war. For this reason we invite members who want to avoid the war to drop from EVE University for the duration of the war. However, please bear in mind that we have been almost constantly at war for a long time, so the war may not end anytime soon.

Once you have dropped from EVE University, keep an eye on the War History tab of our Alliance, Ivy League, so you can tell when the war is over. We also post the war status in the Message of the Day of our public channel, E-UNI.

To reapply see our page on Returning to EVE University. When you apply back to EVE University make sure you tell us that you dropped from EVE University due to the war and we will get you back in as soon as possible.

Removal for Inactivity

We like to keep an active base of members and therefore if you do not log into EVE Online for over three months you will be removed from EVE University for inactivity. This will place you back into an NPC corporation.

If you are removed from inactivity and you later become active again, you are free to reapply to EVE University following the instructions on our page on Returning to EVE University.

The process for leaving

Once you have decided to leave EVE University there are a few steps which we ask you to complete as you say goodbye.

  • Move your ships and possessions if you need to. This is particularly relevant if you are a member of the Wormhole campus as you may be unable to access the Citadels after you have left the corporation.
  • Make a post in our Hi and Bye forum to say goodbye to your fellow corpmates. This is not compulsory, but it is useful to tell us where you are going and perhaps say goodbye to people who have helped you along the way. If you are planning on returning to EVE University, please make a post telling us why you are leaving and that you expect to return. Please do NOT send out any mails to the Corp mailing list to advise that you are leaving. We appreciate your contribution to EVE University, but this leads to unnecessary mail spam.
  • If you are moving to another corporation you will need to drop your roles within EVE University to allow them to invite you. You will have roles if you have any title within the corporation. To do this, right click your name in game and select Remove all Roles and Grantable Roles. The other corporation will then be able to invite you to join them directly after 24 hours.
  • If you are not moving to another corporation immediately, you do not need to remove your roles. Just right click your name in game and select Quit Corporation? and Confirm. This will move you to an NPC corporation.

EVE University Alumni

Once you have left EVE University you are considered one of our alumni, and are still welcome to be part of the EVE University community. You will retain access to most of our facilities, including:

  • All our public classes, which are listed on the calendar and the Scheduled Classes forum.
  • Our public and private mumble servers.
  • Our Discord Server.
  • Most of our forum, aside from parts which are limited for operation security. To ensure you can see all the relevant forums update your forum access by clicking the forum update link.
  • Our in-game chat channel EVE University (E-UNI).

Please do not abuse your access privileges or they may be revoked.

If you leave to form your own corporation, remember that you can apply to have your corporation set as “blue” to EVE University BY contacting our Diplomats or by directly filling out this form.

Returning to EVE University

The process for returning to EVE University depends on how long you have been away from EVE University and the reason for leaving. The full process is explained on our page on Returning to EVE University.