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While anyone in the UNI can teach a class, and those with Sophomore status or higher can schedule them in our corporate calendar, the majority of classes are organized and delivered by the EVE University teaching staff. There are three UNI teaching staff positions:

  • Professors - our most dedicated educators, recognized for their quality and consistency in teaching and mentoring UNI pilots - their contributions are recognized by awarding the EVE University Professor medal.
  • Teachers - the backbone of the UNI teaching staff, delivering the majority of our useful classes on a regular basis.
  • Regular Guest Lecturers/FCs - non-UNI members of our regular teaching community, their contribution to our education efforts is very much appreciated.

If you are interested in joining the UNI teaching staff, please view Joining the Faculty for more information.

If you see any required changes to this list, please contact the Teaching Manager, Assistant Teaching Manager or the Director of Education. Please do not edit this list yourself.

Teaching Manager

Titus Tallang

About the Role: The Teaching Manager oversees recruiting and development of UNI teachers, organizing guest lectures,
scheduling classes, and developing recorded training classes, the Syllabus Library and related player guides on the EVE University wiki.

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Reports to: Director of Education

Assistant Teaching Manager

Spanky Ikkala

About the Role: The Assistant Teaching Manager supports the Teaching Manager in all aspects of running the department, including approving new teacher applications,
reviewing the curriculum, and assisting the teaching staff and students wherever this is needed.

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Reports to: Teaching Manager


Cerulean Ice
Karimson Safehold
Neville Smit (emeritus)
Roxx Weltraum (emeritus)
Seamus Donohue
Spanky Ikkala


  • Annaka Hansen
  • Antavas Umbrio
  • Archemorus Abyss
  • Aren Tivianne
  • Baron Anjin Toronagasan
  • Comrade Blade
  • cornelius Agrippa
  • Danielle en Divalone
  • DeSaros Umekawa
  • Evilsqirrel Kashuken
  • Faf Proudstark
  • Fyery Phoenix
  • Gareth Correlian
  • Gaylen Pellaz
  • Giuliano Fabrosi
  • Grygr Anzomi
  • Hank Magnusson
  • Hannah Onasi
  • helioswipe moondraft
  • HyperFlareX
  • iavatus
  • Igaro Almadin
  • Indis Ormand
  • Johannes Ulrich
  • Kamylia
  • Kazon Necht
  • Khoja
  • Krevlorn Severasse
  • Kwazar Olgidar
  • Laoch DrogalAr
  • LeeLoo Shoe
  • Lelira Cirim
  • Lieut Wozbourne
  • Magnuss Verund
  • Martin Vanzyl
  • Max Darkfire
  • Max Tsero
  • Messanax
  • Miranda McLaughlin
  • Moshe 'Reed' Dayan
  • Muamas Falcon
  • Niss Tymbrimi
  • Nyt Cold
  • Paumedie Skir
  • Peter Qaesar
  • Pyrrhus Sertorius
  • Rectar en Meunk
  • Rikki Bigg
  • Robert Dalentis
  • Robnik Charante
  • Rose Alice
  • Shen Tekitsu
  • Sjaandi HyShan
  • Slate Ambramotte
  • Solcan Cadelanne
  • Titus Tallang
  • Tobor Paladin
  • Trenton Poljus
  • Tycho Loor
  • unstable unit
  • Vger Starseed
  • Yasmin Shango

Regular Guest Lecturers

  • <list under construction>