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There were 75 standard shattered Wormhole Systems and 25 Small Ship Shattered Wormhole Systems released as part of the Rhea expansion.[1]

All Shattered Wormholes have Epicenter sites although special wormholes have different epicenter events.

Small Ship Shattered Wormhole systems are classified C13 and only spawn small ship wormhole connections.

Shattered wormholes contain special ore and ice mining anomalies that are richer than normal W-space anomalies.

Shattered wormholes can contain sleeper signatures and anomalies from other classes of wormholes (this includes gas signatures.)

System name System class System effect System statics solarSystemID Other notes
Thera 12 None Unknown 31000005 See Thera
J015092 1 Black Hole N110 (H), Z060 (N) 31002505
J005834 1 Cataclysmic Variable N110 (H), Z060 (N) 31002506
J012402 1 Magnetar N110 (H), Z060 (N) 31002507
J005926 1 Pulsar N110 (H), J244 (L) 31002508
J010569 1 Red Giant N110 (H), J244 (L) 31002509
J012157 1 None J244(L), Z060 (N) 31002510
J002757 1 None N110 (H), J244(L) 31002511
J004791 1 None N110 (H), J244 (L) 31002512
J004317 1 None N110 (H), J244 (L) 31002513
J002216 1 None N110 (H), J244 (L) 31002514
J005482 2 Black Hole Z647 (C1), A239 (L), B274 (H) 31002515
J005900 2 Cataclysmic Variable A239 (L), E545 (N), Y683 (C4) 31002516
J013070 2 Magnetar E545 (N), A239 (L), R474 (C6)? 31002517
J001057 2 Pulsar B274 (H), A239 (L), E545 (N), D382 (C2) 31002518
J011321 2 Red Giant B274(H), E545(N), Y683(C4) 31002519
J013123 2 None B274(H) E545(N) 31002520
J012735 2 None B274 (H), K346 (N), O477 (C3) 31002521
J012635 2 None B274 (H), A239 (L) 31002522
J010000 2 None D382 (C2), B274 (H), Z647 (C1) 31002523
J001890 2 None Z647 (C1), B274 (H), A239 (L) 31002524
J002964 2 None A239 (L), N062 (C5), E545 (N) 31002525
J004686 3 None A239(L), O477(C3), E545(N) 31002526
J011563 3 Black Hole D845 (H), U210 (L) 31002527
J001348 3 Cataclysmic Variable U210 (L), D845 (H) 31002528
J002838 3 Magnetar K346 (N), U210 (L) 31002529
J001670 3 Pulsar K346 (N), U210 (L) 31002530
J014348 3 Red Giant D845 (H), U210 (L), A982 (C6) ? 31002531
J003789 3 None D845 (H), U210 (L) 31002532
J012794 3 None D845 (H), U210 (L) 31002533
J005923 3 None U210 (L), K346 (N) 31002534
J001398 3 None U210 (L), K346 (N) 31002535 Common statics gleaned from 2 reports.
J011339 3 None U210 (L), D845 (H) 31002536 Verified by two parties
J004283 3 None K346 (N), U210 (L) 31002537
J002625 4 Black Hole C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002538
J004470 4 Black Hole C247 (C3), X877 (C4), U210 (L) 31002539
J011824 4 Cataclysmic Variable C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002540
J010247 4 Cataclysmic Variable C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002541
J002423 4 Magnetar D845 (H), P060 (C1), N766 (C2) 31002542
J001302 4 Magnetar H900 (C5), U574 (C6), K346 (N) 31002543 Statics H900 and U574 suggest C4, but K346 is a C3->N static and the system spawns C3 sites.
J010556 4 Pulsar P060 (C1), D845 (H), N766 (C2) 31002544 Sansha Occupied. no regular sleeper anoms.
J011778 4 Pulsar P060 (C1), C247 (C3), D845 (H) 31002545
J005259 4 Red Giant X877 (C4), D845 (H), C247 (C3) 31002546
J005969 4 Red Giant U574 (C6), H900 (C5), K346 (N) 31002547
J001769 4 Wolf-Rayet Star X877 (C4) 31002548
J004150 4 Wolf-Rayet B274 (H) 31002549 Not all statics known
J005872 4 None C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002550
J011376 3 None X877 (C4), H900 (C5), U210 (LS) 31002551
J005299 4 None H900(C5), K346(N), C247(C3) 31002552 Sansha Wormhole
J011355 4 None K346 (NS), C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002553
J011195 4 None U210 (L), X877(C4), H900 (C5) 31002554 Sansha Wormhole
J005280 4 None C247 (C3), X877 (C4) 31002555
J010811 5 Black Hole K346 (N), V753 (C6) 31002556
J001694 5 Black Hole K346 (N), H296 (C5) 31002557
J003941 5 Cataclysmic Variable U210 (L), H296 (C5) 31002558
J011790 5 Cataclysmic Variable K346 (N), M267 (C3) 31002559
J013146 5 Magnetar U210 (L), H296 (C5) 31002560
J004998 5 Magnetar C140 (L), ? 31002561
J003382 5 Pulsar U210 (L), D364 (C2) 31002562
J003546 5 Pulsar U210 (L), M267 (C3), D792 (H) 31002563
J001820 5 Red Giant U210 (L), C5 (H296) 31002564
J012578 5 Red Giant U210 (L), H296 (C5) 31002565
J012773 5 Wolf-Rayet Star K346 (N), E175 (C4) 31002566
J005223 5 Wolf-Rayet Star U210 (L), E175 (C4) 31002567
J005663 5 None U210 (L), Y790 (C1) 31002568
J003793 5 None U210 (L), H296 (C5) 31002569
J004128 5 None U201 (L), H296 (C5) 31002570
J005070 5 None V753 (C6), K346 (N) 31002571
J001025 5 None M267 (C3), U210 (L) 31002572
J005724 5 None H296 (C5), K346 (NS) 31002573
J004921 5 None H296 (C5), K346 (N) 31002574
J012686 6 None V911 (C5), C391 (L), K346 (N), C248 (N) 31002575
J010366 6 None V911 (C5), K346 (C3) 31002576
J012475 6 None V911 (C5), K346 (C3) 31002577
J015227 6 None C248 (N), K346 (C3), W237 (C6) 31002578
J010951 6 None V911 (C5), K346 (N) 31002579
J000895 13 Wolf-Rayet Star C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002580
J000487 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006 (C3), C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002581
J000621 13 Wolf-Rayet Star L005 (C2) Q0003 (N) 31002582
J000551 13 Wolf-Rayet Star E004 (C1), Q003 (N) 31002583
J000630 13 Wolf-Rayet Star E004 (C1), Q003 (N), M001 (C4) 31002584
J000452 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006 (C3), M001 (C4), Q003 (N) 31002585
J000327 13 Wolf-Rayet Star C008 (C5), L005 (C2), Q003 (N) 31002586
J000186 13 Wolf-Rayet Star L005 (C2), C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002587
J000528 13 Wolf-Rayet Star M001 (C4), Q003 (N), Z006 (C3) 31002588 From 4 days of connections.
J000353 13 Wolf-Rayet Star L005 (C2), M001 (C4), Q003 (N) 31002589
J000461 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006 (C3), Q003 (N) 31002590
J000522 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006(C3), L005(C2), Q003(N) 31002591
J000965 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006 (C3), Q003 (N) 31002592
J000304 13 Wolf-Rayet Star M001 (C4), C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002593
J000595 13 Wolf-Rayet Star L005 (C2), C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002594
J000685 13 Wolf-Rayet Star M001 (C4), Q003 (N) 31002595
J000844 13 Wolf-Rayet Star L005 (C2), Q003 (NS) 31002596
J000719 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Q003 (N), M001 (C4) 31002597
J000726 13 Wolf-Rayet Star E004 (C1), Q003 (N) 31002598
J000214 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Q003 (N), C008 (C5) 31002599
J000652 13 Wolf-Rayet Star G008 (C6), Q003 (N) 31002600
J000313 13 Wolf-Rayet Star C008 (C5), Q003 (N) 31002601
J000687 13 Wolf-Rayet Star E004 (C1), Q003 (N) 31002602
J000427 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Z006 (C3), Q003 (N) 31002603
J000102 13 Wolf-Rayet Star Q003 (N), Z006 (C3) 31002604