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Assistant Mining Managers for Operations:
Assistant Mining Managers for Operations:
* Aaron Price
* Brennus Senones
* Brennus Senones
* cogito maximo
* cogito maximo

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The Logistics Department is one of several departments that make up Eve University, but it is also the department with which most students will have the least personal contact. Four sections with their respective managers comprise the department; the four sections are Mining, Research, Production, and Hangar Management. Each section has a distinct focus, and all sections work harmoniously on multiple university projects and services. Services rendered by the logistics department include BYOM Ship Production and Freighter Production.

Director of Logistics: Azmodeus Valar

The Logistics Director is responsible for coordinating the actions of all four sections, and ensuring that each is fulfilling its responsibilities. The director sets policy for the department, appoints section managers, acts as a liaison to other departments, and serves as a Director for the university as a whole. The Freighter Production project also is directly under the supervision of the Logistics Director.

Mining Section: Manager Callin Vandylx

The Mining Section is responsible for all the mineral and mining needs of the university. This includes leading and coordinating mining operations for students, hiring Mining Officers, implementing refining programs, expansion into future mining programs, and supplying minerals for all logistics projects.

Assistant Mining Managers for Operations:

  • Aaron Price
  • Brennus Senones
  • cogito maximo

Research Section: Manager Frood Frooster

The Research Section is responsible for all research oriented programs for the university. This includes management of the POS research jobs, maintaining the University blueprint library, implementation of research procedures and policies, hiring Research Officers, research of blueprints for other logistic projects, and future expansion into BPC sales and production. The Research Section does not grant access to the POS for research. It only supervises the research process and delivers jobs.

Production Section: Manager Recon

The Production Section manufactures all ships, modules, or ammo needed by the University. This includes replacement ships for war or events, hiring Production Officers, creating modules and ammo to fill the student hangars, the production of items for sale, and all other manufacturing required by the University.

Hangars Section: Manager Turhan Bey

The Hangar Section oversees the entire hangar structure for the University. This includes hiring Hangar Officers, stocking the student hangars, sorting donations, organizing University assets, implementing item security procedures, and overseeing The Skillbook Program.


BYOM Ship Production

The Bring Your Own Minerals Ship Production program is a ongoing service offered by the Director of Logistics to all members of the University. Please see the wiki or thread for more information.

Freighter Production

Freighter Production is a service provided by the Logistics Department at a cost. Please see the wiki or thread for more information.


The logistics department oversees refining of ore and modules into minerals at perfect rates and without taxes or fees.

Mining Loaner Fleet

The logistics department under the mining manager runs the loaner ship fleet. You can borrow heavy mining and industrial ships from Eve University at no cost!